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Mystery Society Special 2013 by Steve Niles & Andrew Ritchie

I was overly delighted when IDW announced that Steve Niles would be penning a new special about the Mystery Society.  Although Fiona Staples, the other half of the creator owned team did not return on the artwork (it was instead illustrated by Andrew Ritchie), the issue in its entirety was worth the wait.   Previously, Mystery Society was released as a 5 issue miniseries, but thankfully Niles wrote one more oversized special issue this week.  When we left off, Nick Hammond and his wife Anastasia Collins, members of Mystery Society, had defeated a villain and obtained both the skull of Edgar Allen Poe and a pair of twin girls during their dangerous pursuit of the artifact.  See, the Mystery Society exists to uncover all of the paranormal secrets and myths in the world. In reading the previous issues of Mystery Society, I fell in love with Nick and Anastasia.  They are a very wealthy couple who work together to solve mysteries and uncover the truth, while motivating each other to be better people.  They are perfectly matched and within the course of the first five issues Niles did a fantastic job developing their relationship and demonstrating how much they love one another.  Although, my favorite character is Verne, a robot with the brain of Jules Verne, and not only because he calls Nostradamus an attention seeking hack that makes him want to vomit oil.  In the 2013 special, the gang heads underwater to trade Poe’s skull with an eclectic collector.  Within minutes of meeting the man conducting the trade, Mr, Hunley, it is evident that he was never planning playing fair.  He imprisons Verne and Secret Skull and threatens them with poisonous gas among other things.  As it turns out Mr. Hunley is housing some of the world’s most feared monsters.  Considering the Mystery Society consists of a band of misfits, caging creatures doesn’t sit well with Nick and Anastasia.  Even when they’re warned about setting a particular legend free, they recognize the fault in keeping him imprisoned.  Without giving anything away, let’s just say this character turns out to be quite charming despite his contemporaries warnings.  If you haven’t already read the initial miniseries, I would definitely recommend doing so.  The special issue can be read and enjoyed as a stand alone, but you will feel a much stronger connection to the characters if you’re familiar with their full history.  I can only hope that IDW will bring Mystery Society back at some point as an ongoing series because there are so many more stories that can be told about Nick, Anastasia and their motley crew.



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