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Cartoon Network’s Teen Titans GO! Review

Last night, the newly rebooted series, Teen Titans GO!, premiered on Cartoon Network and I was absolutely blown away by the first episode.  I love the original series from the bottom of my heart, so I had been looking forward to the new series, especially since it stars the same voice actors as the original series.  It is so exciting to me to have a weekly Tuesday night date scheduled with Robin, Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy, and Cyborg.  One of the elements that truly enhanced the episode is the animation style.  The characters are drawn adorably, and throughout the episode I found myself wishing that I could reach through my television to give them each a giant hug.  The colors are much brighter than those in the original series, and they not only capture the eye, but they really make each scene pop and enhance the story.  Admittedly, the new theme song which is somewhat a remixed version of the original will take a few episodes to get used to, but everything else about the show was perfect.


The episode was divided into two parts, ‘Legendary Sandwich,’ and ‘Pie Bros.’  The first part ‘Legendary Sandwich,’ opens with Raven secretly watching a show called Pretty Pretty Pegasus (a show bearing a striking resemblance to My Little Pony, with main characters named Sparkle Face and Butter Bean) on her laptop.  That first scene is when I knew I was completely sold on the series.  For those who don’t know, Raven is voiced by Tara Strong who also does the voice Twilight Sparkle on MLP.  All Raven wants to do is watch her guilty pleasure show in peace and act out scenes with her toys so she sends the rest of the Titans out on a mission to obtain the ingredients to the legendary sandwich which will give the consumer eternal life.  Each Titan accepts their mission and endures a battle sustaining serious injuries for the mystical bacon (Cyborg), the King’s lettuce (Beast Boy), the stellar tomato (Starfire), and then there’s the pretzel bread which Robin has to wait on line for at the supermarket.  The supermarket scene gives us a glimpse into the comedic nature of Robin and it interlaced nicely with the more dramatic fight scenes.


The next part of the episode, ‘Pie Bros,’ almost had me in tears. (It was a long day).  It’s Cyborg’s birthday and Beast Boy wants to buy his best friend an expensive present so he takes a job at a pie shop to help fund Cybrog’s gift.  Plus there’s singing.  Lots of singing.  ABOUT PIE.  So yeah, that in itself is a reason to watch the episode.  Beast Boy endures much torture from Cyborg about the ridiculous uniform he’s forced to wear during his shift (see: pie hat), and he’s even forced to attend Cyborg’s birthday as an employee because he needs the extra money.  Cyborg is livid that his best friend thinks a little extra cash is more important to him than their friendship so during the party he makes it his mission to throw pies on the floor for Beast Boy to clean up.  The adorable factor in this episode is through the roof.  Before Beast Boy even takes on the job, he draws Cyborg an awesome picture of the alien Cyborg riding dog Beast Boy, which he later finds out would’ve been enough.  There’s also a Sweeny Todd-esque element to the owner of the pie shop, but she fills a very secondary plot in the episode, while Beast Boy and Cyborg have a screaming pie fight that eventually morphs into more singing.


Overall, the first episode of Teen Titans GO! completely surpassed any expectation I had for the new series.  It’s a much more kid friendly series than Young Justice, which it has replaced (all the tears), but I have high hopes for this becoming an instant fan favorite.  The show stars Scott Menville as Robin, Tara Strong as Raven, Hynden Walch as Starfire, Greg Cipes as Beast Boy, and Khary Payton as Cyborg.  If you missed the first episode, have no fear! Teen Titans GO will be repeated on Saturday mornings as part of Cartoon Network’s DC Nation block.  In the meantime, if you’re looking for more of the Titans, you can catch the old series online (Amazon, iTunes, etc.,), read Geoff Johns’ DC Comics run on the series (which is arguably one of the best series ever written), or play the game on Cartoon Network’s website.


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