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Alex + Ada By Jonathan Luna & Sarah Vaughn

Alex + Ada is a newly released Image comic by Jonathan Luna and Sarah Vaughn.  The first two issues are about Alex and his reluctance to accept the android he received as a gift from his grandmother. Within the first issue, the reader immediately gets a sense of how heavily Alex’s world relies on technology, and how depressed Alex seems to be.  He proves to be a very relatable character.  On the surface Alex is surrounded by technology which theoretically should make it much easier for him to be constantly interacting with people, but instead he seems unable to relate, disconnected, and alone.  We also meet Ada, who immediately relays the laws of robotics set forth by her parent company Tanaka, which she must obey.  The artwork in the series is beautiful.  It’s very streamlined and clean which helps to enhance this maybe-not-so-far-away futuristic world.  The only bright color in the series is a baby blue which could represent traditionally depicted computer screens.  It makes you feel as though the technological aspect of life is the only source of happiness for most people in this world.

The series reminds me of the manga Chobits, which is similarly about a reluctant young man forming a relationship with a persocom.  It isn’t clear yet whether Alex will become romantically involved with his android, but it does seem like the direction the story could take (especially since the cover of the first issue shows Ada’s packaging draped over her head in a wedding veil-like manner).  The series is only two issues in so if you haven’t had a chance to begin reading, there will be minimal catch up before you’re up to date.  You can find it in your local comic book shop, or it you prefer to read digitally, on ComiXology.



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