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A Lesson in Friendship: 5 Reasons Why Girls Nights Are Good For Your Soul

Last night, I went out for a lavish dinner (seriously, I spent almost $70 on just myself and I have NEVER done that before in my life!) and fancy cocktails with Melissa and Carolyn for a much needed girls night out.  It’s been longer than I care to admit since I’ve enjoyed a night out with the amazing women in my life and catching up last night was a great reminder that you should always make time for your friends.  Unlike family, friends are the people you CHOOSE to have in your life.  If chosen correctly, they’ll offer you a great support system, tell you when you’re being ridiculous and/or stubborn, take your side and get irrationally angry at those who wrong you, and provide you with endless laughs and a deep connection that is impossible to get from other relationships because neither party is expecting anything in return for their friendship.  Here are my top 5 reasons why girls nights are good for your soul.


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1) For Face-to-Face Time as Opposed To FaceTime – As much as you may text/email/gchat/tweet/Facebook etc with your best friends, it still isn’t the same as meeting and spending time together face to face.  Don’t get me wrong, we live in an amazing time where we’re able to easily communicate regularly with other people, but there’s something special about clearing your busy calendar and making friend dates a priority.  It sends a message that they’re ~important~ which is a thing that everyone should feel.  There’s a more intimate type of bond that can be formed when you’re physically interacting with someone instead of going through an electronic device.  I’ve met some really cool people online that ended up being not so cool in person (*files in the vault*). And I mean, you can’t even hug over text!

2) To Refocus Your Sense of Self & Gain Confidence – As I mentioned earlier, friends are the people you choose to keep in your life, which means that YOU are a person THEY chose to keep in theirs.  What can be better than hanging out with someone who genuinely likes you for you and wants to see you succeed?  If you’re in need of a pep talk, friends are at the absolute top of the list of people who will remind you of your value which in turn will help rebuild your confidence and leave you feeling ready to face whatever the universe may present you with.


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3) For Emotional Support & Happiness – This kind of goes hand in hand with the second reason, but takes it a little bit further.  A true friend will be there for you no matter what you may be going through.  They’ll listen when you need to talk and provide an emotional support that you can’t get anywhere else (I think I mentioned hugs already, yes?).  They’ll remind you that everything’s going to be okay and that you’re not alone.  But on the other hand, they’ll be the first people to tell you when you’re contributing to your own problems or being stubborn about a situation.  I’ve always been told that most people will give advice with their best interest in mind.  A true friend’s best interest is you and if that’s not the case then it might be time to evaluate your friendship.  You can’t help feeling happy with the knowledge that you have another soul fighting in your corner.

4)  To Escape the Mundane Routine of a Full Time Worker – Maybe it’s Wednesday night and you’ve been having a rough week at work but there are still TWO more days before you’ll (hopefully) get a nice long weekend break.  Seeing friends, no matter how exhausted you are, will help break up your schedule and offer you an escape from the real world where you’ll actually be able to move some things to the back of your mind for a while.  However fleeting this unscheduled night might be, it will raise your spirits and make the rest of the week much easier to deal with.  We all know that if you choose to forgo the opportunity of girls night so you can spend more time with your current fictional BFF’s on whichever TV series you’re marathoning on Netflix, there’s definitely still going to be some or tons of stress looming until you decide to tuck in for the evening.  While fictional friends are fun, the relationship is entirely one-sided.

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5) Dressing for Yourself & Creating Memories – There’s a wonderful sense of relief and possibility that I feel when I look in my closet before going out with other women.  The night is going to be about us and there is absolutely no need to impress anyone.  I’m a firm believer in the notion that you should be dressing for yourself ALL the time, but whether consciously or subconsciously I think there is a difference (however slight) in my outfit choices depending on who I’m going out with.  For instance, I LOVE wearing red lipstick.  Love, love, love.  The only problem is that when I’m going out with Andrew while wearing red lipstick, he’s more hesitant about kissing me on the lips for fear of some color transferring to his mouth (totally understandable).  The first thing I did last night while getting ready was grab my red velvetine by Lime Crime and paint it on!  Plus whenever my friends and I get together, there’s always something interesting that happens without fail.  When you’re older, the things you’re going to remember are the in person experiences, jokes, and memories you share with friends.  You’re probably not going to remember that heart text you got that one time from someone.

I hope this is helpful!  To be honest, I wasn’t really expecting my post to take this form but I think my girls night out inspired me to evaluate the reasons why I had so much fun and to strive to be better about making time for my friends.  Even if it’s only for a couple of hours, seeing the people you love can totally brighten your day!  I will leave you with a collage of photos from the wonderful Japanese Brasserie, En, that Carolyn so graciously introduced into my life!
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6 Responses to “A Lesson in Friendship: 5 Reasons Why Girls Nights Are Good For Your Soul”

  1. Megan says:

    I LOVE this post Kristin! I just had one of my good girl friends from college come out to visit me in LA for an entire week. We hadn’t seen each other in about 3 years and it was like no time had past. I love me some girl time! xx

  2. Estee says:

    Some of my girl friends & I will have a craft night in to save a little money. We decorated holiday cookie one year. It was a blast!

  3. Joie Fatale says:

    Girls Nights are always a great time!

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