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Trailer Reaction: Beauty & the Beast Teaser

Talk about a teaser! The trailer released yesterday for the upcoming Beauty and the Beast film is only one minute and thirty one seconds and it only gives us the tiniest glimpse of what’s coming.  First things first, is it me or does that castle look awfully similar to Hogwarts?!  A very fitting aesthetic for a film Emma Watson is going to be starring in!  Then we see the unused ballroom which is covered with cobwebs and decorated in golds fine enough for a French King.  It’s very Marie Antoinette, but it still keeps that gothic vibe.  All of the candles in the next shot remind me of being on that main ride at Harry Potter World and I was half expecting the Sorting Hat to be placed within one of those alcoves in the wall.  “Belle (no last name)… better be… RAVENCLAW!”  The we see what I can only assume is the tiny little child version of the Beast and we hear his guttural grunt when he slashes the painting with his claw.  As the castle door slowly creaks open in the next scene and we hear the iconic phrases uttered by Ewan McGregor (Lumiere) and Ian McKellan (Cogsworth)- Look a girl! Maybe she is the one!- and my heart near exploded with joy.  I cannot even come close to expressing how excited I am to see these actors in their new roles.  The FINALLY, we heard Belle’s voice and see a beautifully artistic shot of the Enchanted Rose!!!!!!  We also get the least revealing shot of Belle’s face hiding behind the rose which I feel like barely counts as the first look at Emma Watson as Belle as all these websites have been claiming.

I have to say that I was really hoping to see Belle’s iconic yellow dress or to view what the Beast will look like but since this is only our first teaser, I’m sure those are coming in due time.  I absolutely adore the entire aesthetic of the castle!  I’m so glad they went with a gothic style, especially since Beauty and the Beast really is one of the darker tales.  It feels really fitting and the darker color scheme really allows the deep red rose to pop.   Plus as I mentioned, I got chills as soon as I heard Lumiere and Cogsworth speak with the voices of some incredible actors.  I cannot believe we have to wait almost an entire year for the film!  I know my anticipation has been building ever since the project was announced.  There also hasn’t been any official posters or images released just yet but I’ll be stalking the Disney Twitter account for hope that something will come our way soon.


7 Responses to “Trailer Reaction: Beauty & the Beast Teaser”

  1. I like the icicles on the chandeliers.
    Ichabod Temperance recently posted…March, 2016 – New Release! A Journey of TemperanceMy Profile

  2. Sarah says:

    My gosh, watching this just gave me chills! Beauty and the Beast is my all time favourite Disney movie and I just can’t wait to see more. I almost feel they were a little bit too mean with this teaser, letting us hear what we are all waiting for, but not really giving us a glimpse of any of the characters (really).
    Sarah recently posted…Outfit of the day: Pink, blue, and a little bit vintage. Too Kawaii to die.My Profile

  3. Cassie says:

    This got all the songs stuck in my head!
    Cassie recently posted…The ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Trailer Teases a Tale as Old as TimeMy Profile

  4. Alice says:

    OMG that trailer gave me all the feelings!!! I can’t wait for this movie!!!
    Alice recently posted…My Thoughts on Book Blogging Three Months LaterMy Profile

  5. I got chills the second I heard the music in the trailer. I think this is just going to be so fantastic :)
    Danielle @ From Girlie to Nerdy recently posted…Alice in Wonderland Cocktail – The Cheshire CatMy Profile

  6. I am so excited for this movie! Emma Watson is such a great choice for Belle! There has never been a movie that I have felt I agreed with every single casting except this one.
    Mariah Kaercher recently posted…TV Time: Reviewing My TV To Do ListMy Profile

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