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#LoveAThon: Mini Challenge #4: Sweethearts Candy Messages

This is the third year I’ll be participating in the Book Blogger’s Love-A-Thon and this year, I’m cohosting the event alongside Alexa ofAlexa Loves Books, Cee of The Novel Hermit and Mel of The Daily Prophecy.  Sign-ups are still open so there’s time if you want to join in (and you should) and the Love-A-Thon takes place from February 19th – 20th.  It’s the perfect way to meet new book bloggers and make new friends<3

You’ve received a box of Sweethearts candy, and you’re asked to share the candy with a person or couple – fictional or real. Tell us who you’d give these messages to:

Love Wins – A couple you didn’t think would get together, but against all odds, they did – Cress & Thorne <3 One of my #1 OTPs of all time.  I love those two silly lovebirds!

I Do – A character you’d marry – That would have to go to my first book crush, Ron Weasley<3!


Dream Big – A character whose dreams you want to come true – Cath is so passionate about writing and she’s such a relatable and wonderful characters that I truly just want all the good things for her in her future.  I wish we could see how her second year of college went!

Crazy 4 U – A character you’re crazy about – Will Herondale <3 <3 <3 – You guys, I read the Infernal Devices series this year and I TOTALLY get it now.

True Love – Your Ultimate OTP – No explanation necessary.

Te Amo – A language you’d want to be wooed in – French of course! It’s the language of love<3

BFF – A character you’d want to be your best friend – Lara Jean! Get ready for so much Song sisters love over the next two days<3!

Wink Wink – A character you’d want to wink at you – Definitely Wesley aka Guyliner! He just has that certain something and he was irresistible to me from the first page he appeared on!

Sweet Talk – A character who knows how to sweet talk / flirt – Kvothe definitely doesn’t necessarily get flirting but he sure is a sweet talker.  His mouth gets him out of and into lots of trouble so life with him would be nothing short of an adventure!

Best Day – A moment from a book you wish happened to you or your IRL best day – I would love to attend Caraval, most likely as a spectator and not as a participant because the roses, chocolate and wine appeal to all of my senses! It sounds like it would be the experience of a lifetime.

Ooh La La – A character you’d want to slow dance with – I recently finished reading Alex, Approximately and Porter is for sure a new book boyfriend.  He’s a beautiful surfer boy with so very many layers and I have no doubt he would be a great dancer.

Love You – The character that gets your undying love – Gansey<3 He is my favorite Raven Boy of all time and I will love him forever and ever.


4 Responses to “#LoveAThon: Mini Challenge #4: Sweethearts Candy Messages”

  1. JaimeKristal says:

    Love the post! And it looks like I’ll be adding some of those books to my TBR :)

  2. Alexa S. says:

    Kvothe and Porter are the only two characters I haven’t “met” from your picks, so I guess I need to read Alex, Approximately and The Name of the Wind soon to fix that, yes? ;)
    Alexa S. recently posted…2017 Love-A-Thon: Day OneMy Profile

  3. Alice says:

    Now I am even more motivated to read theese books! I would marry one of the Weasley twins rather than Ron, but I completely approve the choice of the family :D
    Alice recently posted…2017 Love-A-Thon | Mix + MatchMy Profile

  4. Meagan says:

    Love this! I am so excited to read Caraval I can’t wait!
    Meagan recently posted…Love-a-thon Mini-Challenge 6: Valentine’s Care PackageMy Profile

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