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March Small Goals

I’ve seen a bunch of people post small monthly goals and I really like the idea of re-centering and re-evaluating everything more frequently.  It’s awesome to make yearly goals but it’s also easy to lose focus or forget about them entirely over the 365 day period we’re aiming to accomplish them in.  Having small monthly goals to help get to those bigger picture yearly ones is something I’m eager to try out!

Oops, I totally forgot to do a February small goals post until most of the way through the month so we’re just skipping it and resuming with March!


1) Reorganize Bookshelves / Buy a new bookshelf (or two…) – I rearranged my shelves a little while ago and while there are some shelves I love, there are others that just aren’t working for me.  Plus, it’s been very confusing to find certain books since I moved them around because I don’t think my new system is organized enough.  And if you’re someone who watches my book hauls… you know very well that I could always expand my Potter shelves! 

DONEEEEEEEEE. I unhauled so many books and I organized my favorites and I’m loving my new shelves<3

2) Clean out kitchen & hall closet – I’m going to carry this goal over since our weekend in January seem pretty free which is the most exciting! We’ve been talking about possible getting a shelving until for our hall closet so I can organize what we have in there better too. 

ALSO DONE YASSSSSS. Now we never have to see this one on my goals list again!

3) Read The Black Prism by Brent Weeks – I’ve been dying to get to this book, I’m in full-blown fantasy mode which tends to strike me as soon as the holidays are over.  So far, I’ve read the first chapter but I had to put it aside momentarily so I could read The Amateurs by Sara Shepard for book club on Sunday.  That’s going to be quite the ridiculous discussion.  Cassie and I have already started a list of all the awful elements so far!

Nope, I enjoyed the beginning of this book but after getting some bad news about my grandfather I just hadn’t been in the right headspace for fantasy.  I needed something light and fun so this one got pushed to the side.  Then I read Kay’s review and since we have almost the exact same taste in books I decided it’s not worth the time investment for me to read something that’ll ultimately only end up being okay.

4) Cook better meals at home – I’m adding a fourth goal this month! Once I finish writing this post, I’m going to head over to pinterest and look for some simple healthy recipes.  Because of our long commute, I really don’t have the time to be spending an hour or more cooking on weeknights which is why Trader Joe’s frozen foods have been such a godsend in the past.  But I really want to start making some more homemade meals, even if I only devote 1-2 nights per week to cooking for a longer period of time.  Some things I want to try out are more Asian meals (ramen, pho, etc.) and those delicious looking smoothie bowls (although that will be more of a weekend breakfast food)! I have to remind myself that watching YouTube while cooking is pretty much the same as watching it in my bed or desk and I’ll be happier with the end result. 

So I have made some delicious smoothies and I also started making spaghetti squash but I feel like there’s still room for improvement here.


1) Read all the books – Well, obviously not ALL the books because I do have the gift of unlimited time but I feel like I’ve had a rocky start to my reading year and I want to turn that around in March.  Both of the books I’ve started so far this month (The Star-Touched Queen and Mortal Heart) are completely gripping me and I just feel myself emerging victorious from this slump that has plagued me since December.

2) Clean out my closet… AGAIN  – I already did this one time after Marie Kondo-ing but I feel ready to do a second go around.  I still have more than I need and I really want to pare down my wardrobe even further.  Also along with this goal, I want to finish reading The Curated Closet!

3) Be more active / enjoy these random spring days that keep coming our way  – I can’t decided whether to be happy or horrified with our recent weather but I do know that I want to take advantage of it completely! After our little mini-vacay I’ve been craving some outdoor adventure and I refuse to let the extra sunlight pass me by!


4 Responses to “March Small Goals”

  1. Good luck with your March goals!! I need to start making monthly goals it is a great idea.
    Kristyn @ Reading To Unwind recently posted…{Blog Tour} Do You Love Me – Regina Bartley (Spotlight)My Profile

  2. Well done on all your January goals! It feels so good being able to cross things off, doesn’t it? I don’t usually make monthly goals, but I made a few for this year and I feel like I’ve been doing quite well. It’s so nice to feel accomplished ?
    Indya | TheSmallAdventurer recently posted…What I’m Loving Wednesday #9My Profile

  3. Lovely small goals! I’ve been wanting to try spaghetti squash ‘pasta’ but I don’t know how my partner and daughter would feel about it haha! Also, I feel you on closet cleaning…mine needs it desperately!
    Kay Nyman – My Open Sketchbook recently posted…Please, Join My Pity PartyMy Profile

  4. Kelly says:

    I am loving the idea of a goals post! I’ve got tackling my bookshelves on my to-do list in my mind, so maybe putting it out into the universe will finally will me into action haha

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