Super Space Chick

Bryant Park Holiday Shops

Last weekend, Andrew and I headed over to Bryant Park for our first of many trips to see the Holiday Shops.  Each year, Bryant Parks sets up a number of pop-up type boutiques in the area surrounding the ice skating rink.  All the shops are full of great ideas for holiday gifts and there are ...

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My Week In Photos

Sunday Last Sunday, my cousin Rachel came to visit all the way from Florida.  We spent the day roaming around NYC with my brother, Bob .  I wore my new Mermaid leggings by Black Milk, a hipster Ariel tee from Target, and Sephora’s Ariel palette eyeshadow in Sea Witch.  We met at City Bakery which has ...

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This is Not a Costume Party: Sugar Skulls Edition

Remember at the end of my last post when I said I had to run because I was picking up Melissa from the train station?  Well, she visited with me this weekend and as usual, the antics we got ourselves into could easily be used as the premise for a sitcom.  On Saturday night, we ...

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