Super Space Chick

Life Lately: Reading, Watching, Playing, Anticipating

Last weekend I sustained a neck injury which I am henceforth referring to as book neck.  Everyone I’ve told about it unanimously agrees that I should come up with another story.  I was traveling on the subway and carrying too many bags which forced me to hold my book arms-length from my face at a ...

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Central Park In Autumn

“It was one of those perfect autumn days so common in stories and so rare in the real world.” – Patrick Rothfuss, The Name of the Wind Yesterday just so happened to be one of those perfect autumn days <3  My love Andrew and I spent our Saturday strolling through Central Park, Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice ...

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A Weekend Full of Zombies & Doctor Who

Q: What do a Doctor Who bar, Looper, a Zombie Walk, Mean Girls, and Left 4 Dead all have in common? A: They were all contributing elements to my fabulous weekend!  And what’s even better is that 1) it’s not yet over, and 2) NEW YORK COMIC CON STARTS THIS WEEK!  After a stressful day at ...

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