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Little Loves #8: Holiday Edition

Hi everyone! I’m back with my next installment of Little Loves.  Little Loves is a post series I created as a way to acknowledge and appreciate more of the little things that are making me happy every day. ? the Empire Magazine Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them special edition magazine which plays two videos! ...

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Potter Month: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them NYC Premiere Ticket Buying Experience / STRESS

Potter Month is a month long celebration of Harry Potter hosted by myself and The Nerdy Girlie! If you partake in Potter Month, you can POST YOUR LINK HERE and see what other Potter fans are up to! Despite this happening last week, I am writing this post mere minutes after finally acquiring tickets to the ...

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History is Happening in the Wizarding World

The past week has been overflowing with Harry Potter news and this Ravenclaw couldn’t feel more lucky to be alive right now!  I’m going to list my favorite news first because everyone has heard it by now and I’m already planning which bookstore I want to go to for the midnight release so I can feel ...

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