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10 Sweet Treats To Bake For Your Valentine (Or Galentine!)

I have been on a Pinterest rampage as of late (I recently discussed how I broke up with Tumblr for Pinterest) and I keep finding all of these delicious looking recipes!  Now that I’ve begun my Kristin’s Kitchen posts and I have my handy dandy pink KitchenAid mixer, I’ve been making an effort to set ...

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End of Season Pumpkin Spice Product Reviews

My pumpkin spice addiction was in full force this season and as a result I ended up sampling some really tasty treats as well as some that were kind of meh.  I decided to round them up in one giant end of season review instead of harassing the non-pumpkin lover by posting one review per ...

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Gotham, Board Games, The Boxtrolls, Oreo’s & A Medieval Festival

This past week has felt like a breath of fresh air as my social life took a turn for the best.  It all started on Monday night when Andrew, Taylor and I gathered in the living room to watch the premiere of Gotham.  We’re all usually so busy that it can become hard to coordinate ...

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