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My Favorite Moments: Baltimore Comic Con 2013

Baltimore Comic Con is once again my favorite convention of the year.  Each convention has a specific focus and personality to it and Baltimore’s is strictly comics.  I was so pleased to see how much the convention had grown in only one year.  There were plenty more people in attendance this year than there were ...

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Batman ’66 By Jeff Parker & Jonathan Case Review

A few nights ago I read the first two issues of Batman ’66 and for lack of a better phrase, I’m completely obsessed.  In just 50 pages (30 pages in issue #1, and 20 pages in issue #2), we’ve already been introduced to Batman, Robin, Riddler (the Frank Gorshin version), Penguin, Mr. Freeze, Catwoman, Commissioner ...

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Cartoon Network’s Teen Titans GO! Review

Last night, the newly rebooted series, Teen Titans GO!, premiered on Cartoon Network and I was absolutely blown away by the first episode.  I love the original series from the bottom of my heart, so I had been looking forward to the new series, especially since it stars the same voice actors as the original ...

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