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I Heart Instagram Tag <3

I saw this post over on My Life as a Teacup and since Kristin didn’t officially tag anyone, I decided to tag myself since I loved the idea.  Instagram is my go to social media app.  It’s probably the only social network that I actually make an effort to see EVERYTHING from everyone I follow on.


What’s your Instagram handle? @superspacechick

How many people do you follow? 356

How many followers do you have? 2177

What are your favorite hashtags? I think #comics is probably my number one hashtag followed by some of my favorite heroes #SpiderMan #Batman and #HarleyQuinn.  I’m also getting into the #ootd hashtag ever since I started posting Outfit of the Day photos on my blog.


The majority of my instagram photos are comics related, whether it be clothing, accessories, comics, graphic novels, toys, statues, or teacups I’ve collected.  I also post a lot of photos of desserts from my favorite bakeries in NYC, or things that I’ve baked in my own apartment.  Although those are usually related to the aforementioned hashtag.

What is your favorite genre of pictures? I absolutely love seeing photos of reading materials (books, comics, graphic novels), fandom inspired outfit of the day photos, and toys because at heart, I’m really just a big kid.  Also, anything Christmas or Halloween related!!

How often do you post? I usually try to post at least one photo a day.  I have so much fun on instagram (it’s absolutely my favorite social media app).  If I haven’t found something I’ve deemed worthy of posting, chances are I have a photo on my camera roll that I’ve forgotten about and I’m eager to share.  I try not to post too many things in a row (unless I’m at a convention), because I always feel bad about not wanting to spam everyone’s feeds!

How often do you check Instagram? It varies from day to day, but it’s always pretty often.  I always know that I haven’t gotten enough sleep if there are less than 4 new photos in my feed when I wake up!

What’s your favorite filter? Ever since Instagram introduced their new editing tools, I have barely touched the filtering section.  I usually edit photos in VSCO cam (mostly to lighten photos and saturate the color), and I’ll use Whitagram when I want to post something without cutting off any of the photo into that tiny square.  When I did use insta filters, I was always partial to Nashville.

iPhone only, purist or rebel? iPhone only! I have a better camera but I barely ever use it since my iPhone is so convenient to access on the go.  It’s in my hand most of the time so even when I am toting my camera, it usually doesn’t occur to me to pull it out.


Three favorite IG accounts currently? 

1) @glitzygeekygirl – I love Anna’s photos! They’re always full of color and cosplay and just about everything I love in life.  Plus she’s super cute and I’m always excited to see which hair color she’s trying out next!

2) @nerdburgercazz – We just started following each other on IG and I love the way she edits her photos! They’re always full of kawaii details, fun borders, and of course, comics!

3) @modernjunecleaver & @ameliajetson – these girls go hand in hand- they run the cutest blog for girls into retro fashion (seriously, their dresses are amazing), and I love their bookworm posts!

And lastly, the three people I tag to write an instagram post are @thenerdygirlie, @gliztygeekygirl and @travisthegrimm



7 Responses to “I Heart Instagram Tag <3”

  1. Chrissie says:

    I’ll definatley tag along with this. Your instagram is ace!

  2. Nina says:

    Your Instagram is so much fun to follow! I’m working on a I Heart Instagram post because of Kristin over at My Life as a Teacup too :)

  3. Alice says:

    Just published my own post! (Even if nobody tagged me haha!)

    I love your IG feed :)

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