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How I’ve Been Upgrading to Kristin 2.0 Through General Life Overhauls

I haven’t written one of these in a while because I’ve been SO busy but I’m really quite happy right now and I feel like sharing some of the reasons why.  I’ve been doing some major life overhauls and it’s really been helping me.

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In 2014 I started a complete revamp of my wardrobe and I couldn’t be more excited about my recent apparel acquisitions.  My wardrobe had fallen into a serious rut that seemed more like one big advertisement than an expression of who I am. It felt like I was letting my interests overtake my physical appearance as well as my identity.  I still like the same things entertainment-wise, but I’m realizing more and more that who I am and what I like have no correlation to the items I wear that make me feel good about myself.

I’ve been culling my closet (moving played a big part in this because I needed to downsize my wardrobe), and stocking up on basics, statement necklaces, and the kinds of cute sweaters I used to don during my college years except with a slightly more sophisticated edge to them. I’ve even purchased a few pairs of jeans (which I’ve worn more than once!), and today I ordered a pair of sneakers which I haven’t done since high school.  Wardrobe purging and rebuilding is good for the soul.

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While I love comics and action films and all that stuff, I also like a lot of “girly” things too.  Being considered a “geek girl,” especially one who frequents the internet, had made me feel a combination of things.  While I enjoyed being part of a supportive geek community which seemed like something that had been absent during the rest of my life, I’ve began questioning just how supportive the community really is.

Is a community where I feel pressured to see and read every single thing that comes out for reasons other than pure enjoyment something I need in my life?  I don’t think so.  People online are so quick to jump down anyone’s throat if they make a mistake.  There’s a difference between correcting someone for their own benefit than for waiting for the opportunity for someone to screw up just so you CAN correct them.  I think the latter of these people need to spend some time outdoors, disconnected from the internet without the privilege of the anonymity of the internet.  People question how much you REALLY like something which I think is the most ridiculous concept.

For a while, I’ve also felt like I couldn’t share some of my other interests because I’ve been pigeonholed into this limiting “geek” category.  I don’t get as many likes on photos or favorites on tweets if I’m posting something that isn’t comics related and that had made me feel self conscious about my other interests.  It’s even a little dehumanizing in some ways.  I’m not a billboard for comics and I shouldn’t feel pressured into posting what I know will please the most people.  Now that I’m getting older, I’ve done a whole bunch of things which made me realize that I couldn’t care less what other people think, I’m going to be posting a broader scope of the things that make me happy.  I think the major turning point for me was NYCC 2013 for many reasons (just ask Giovanni because I think he witnessed my transformation most closely).  Since I’ve completely stopped caring about reading what every person in my Twitter feed is tweeting, I’ve been able to spend more time doing the things I really enjoy and I almost can’t believe how long it’s been since the last time I felt really stressed out.

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Social Media

In 2014 I culled my Facebook friend list.  This has made Facebook a much more enjoyable place and I no longer have to worry that some random person will post some weird thing on my wall and one of my family members might see.  Admittedly, I still don’t use Facebook all that much since it really is my least favorite social media site, but I’m going to be doing the same thing to my Twitter feed (possibly even today)!  I want to be excited about reading what my friends are up to without having to see someone else’s thousand RT’s of other accounts.  Melissa, Betty, Giovanni and I had a long talk about it last night and they convinced me that I should stop following people I don’t want to follow because I feel bad.

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8 Ways I’ve Been Making Myself Happy Lately

1) Spending the bulk of my free time with people who I love that don’t dwell on and complain about the most trivial of things (i.e., a faceless internet bro’s offensive comment on a [insert social media site / blog here]).

2) Reading all the YA books I can get my hands on during every free minute I find within the day.  I’ve also been writing more YA reviews which makes me feel so good afterward (which is probably also due to the adorable rating system Andrew created for me).  I love reading and chatting about books and going book shopping but my reading focus drastically decreased when I constantly had my phone sitting next to me so I could stop and check it every time I heard it vibrate.

3) Getting into new-to-me TV shows that have become rather addicting (i.e., Pretty Little Liars, The Carrie Diaries, Gilmore Girls, The 100, etc).  I really want to start the Pretty Little Liars book series too.  There’s already 16 books but I feel like I would fly through them.

4) Buying only the single issue comics that I absolutely know I’ll read immediately.  This has freed up a TON of space and has allowed me to actually save money.  I’ve even been buying some of the things I want to read but know I won’t get to weekly in trade which looks better on my bookshelf anyway.

5) I’ve been watching SO MANY BookTube vlogs.  Like every morning.  And catching up on old ones I’ve missed out on until now.  I’ve even been thinking about infusing my YouTube channel with some book vids, especially since everyone is always asking me to do a bookshelf tour!

6) Baking desserts with more of an intention of them tasting delicious than looking cool and being geeky themed.  I still love themed things, but I’ve been honing my baking skills with things like this amazing chocolate peanut butter cheesecake.  Now that I have my pink KitchenAid mixer I just want to bake all the things!  And it’s also awesome that Melissa has gotten so into baking lately too because I have someone to talk to about it!

7) Reading more health-centric articles and finding a skincare regimen that fits my needs.  Also, watching makeup tutorials and reading beauty blogs.

8) Pinterest.  I’ve officially traded tumblr for Pinterest.  It’s so much more organized, full of helpful ideas, and it isn’t cluttered with general negativity.  And it’s a much better system for cataloging images.

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 9.44.23 AM

Before I confuse everyone into thinking that I’m completely giving up my geek interests, that’s not at all the case.  I’m just going to be offering up a wider range of my interests online.  Will I still post about Spider-Man, Daredevil, the Bat family and Star Wars? Absolutely! I’m just going to be more open to sharing the other aspects of my life that make me who I am so those posts will be found alongside beauty, books, and fashion things.  I’m also going to continue dressing in a way that makes me feel more confident and happy about the way I look.

Lastly, please do not be offended if I unfollow you on Twitter during my social media cull.  I’m already dreading the messages asking me why which I received when I de-cluttered my Facebook friends list.


24 Responses to “How I’ve Been Upgrading to Kristin 2.0 Through General Life Overhauls”

  1. B says:

    I love this post and I couldn’t agree more about the “you can only like one thing” issues that are in the nerd/geek community. I can like comics. But I can also like sports. And being outside. And reading other things. We aren’t ONE thing, no one is! We’re all made up of different interests and hobbies.

  2. Jen says:

    This is a wonderful post and it’s filled with so many positive and inspiring messages. I’m very interested in reading about your other interests because like you, my interests are more than just geek-related things. But really, if the passion is there we can geek out on beauty products and recipes and anything our heart desires! XO

  3. I loved reading this post, Kristin, because I can totally understand what you mean! I started my Twitter account because I wanted to meet fellow Tolkien fans, and so I did, it even led me to Middle-earth News, where I have the role in the Team since 2013. It’s been great for a year and a half, then I realized that I was suppressing all my other interests and passions (like Harry Potter, TV series, memory keeping, photography) just tweeting about Tolkien-related stuff. So I started my blog to share, well, my life (okay, not all my personal stuff!) and I noticed that people rarely like or retweet if I write something not Tolkien-related. It made me sad, but then I realized that I don’t have to be a one-topic kind of person if I don’t want to be that. I hate Facebook, but I use it to write in a couple of groups and managing a couple of pages for work, so…but I deleted the old profile with my real surname and tons of friends (like your entire highschool list of classmates). Pinterest is way more better than Tumblr for me, too. Also, the only social network where I can be myself at 100% without feeling any obligations is Instagram, and I love it. <3 xo. Alice

    P.s. I watched all the seasons of Pretty Little Liars and I read the first book, we must geek out about it sometimes!

    • Kristin says:

      Yes!! I’ll have to let you know when I start the PLL books! I have really enjoyed your Harry Potter and photography posts that you’ve been publishing so I’m glad you decided to start your own blog separate from Middle Earth News!

  4. Ari Carr says:

    I totally understand what you mean, and I think you’re so brave to say it! I nearly always worry about who reads what I post, whether I’m talking about work stuff or nerd stuff, as some people just totally overreact and get crazy about it, but I care so much less now.
    It must have been super hard making some of these decisions, but you’ve got to do what’s important for you.

    • Kristin says:

      Thank you! It is hard to vocalize but I decided that it’s not important that I’m happy with what I’m sharing and that’s it’s an accurate representation of me!

  5. Alice says:

    You touched on so many things that I have struggled with and still sometimes have insecurity about like culling lists, omg, or sharing/writing about things that aren’t in my normal cycle of things. But like you, I’ve become more aware too that I should just post and talk about what I want because that’s what I’m into and what I like.

    I seriously need to do an overhaul of my wardrobe and bookshelves though, lol. It’s good to hear that getting rid of physical clutter helps with other clutter. ;)

    Anyway, I’m so excited to see more book and fashion stuff from you because that is my jam too. xoxo

  6. Meghan says:

    I recently had a conversation with a friend about some of this. As you get older, you do start to realize it doesn’t matter what other people think. Most of the time people aren’t judging you and don’t care, and if they are/do they probably aren’t people you’d want in your life anyway.

    It’s about finding what makes you happy and clearly you are doing that. Huge kudos! Be yourself because there is only one of you!

  7. Chrissie says:

    I think it’s fantastic that you are putting more of yourself out there! Lifestyle blogs are lovely to read because of the person behind them, not just because of an obsessive nieche that some of them have. I’ll look forward to reading more book reviews :0)

    • Kristin says:

      Agreed! I really enjoy reading most from people who feel real and don’t just focus on one specific topic all the time. I get so much more joy out of reading a blog than I do reading reiterated news.

  8. SunnyBunny says:

    very well written – thank you for sharing.

  9. Gaby says:

    Not to zero in on one minor detail, but I’m excited to finally know someone else whose into PLL! I’ve yet to try the books, though…

    Thanks for sharing this post, btw! Do what you gotta do! ;)


  10. Christa Mae says:

    So I just found your blog this morning and I spent the last 45 minutes reading your previous posts. I’ve found myself nodding with indescribable vigor to everything I’ve read, but nothing more than this post. You should never be writing ONLY for your readers. You should write firstly for yourself – to express and explore who you are. Readers will follow, if you have the right audience. (Now if only I could follow my own advice and just start writing somewhere…) Anyway, I wanted to say I’m loving your blog & looking forward to reading your thoughts on anything and everything in the future! Cheers <3

  11. Sara Strauss says:

    Good for you, Kristin! I’ve been meaning to go through my friends list on Facebook and through social media to only follow the people I really like and admire (like you!). As for entertainment, you shouldn’t feel pressure to not express and talk about the things you love! If you love it, you can bet other people love it too! I love The 100! I’m a bit behind on episodes though!

  12. Selena says:

    Man, I TOTALLY feel you with the geek vs liking other things comment. For YEARS I wanted to blog properly but felt that talking about all my interests in one place would be totally jarring! Sure, I’m a HUGE gamer and want to talk about tournaments and strategies and new updates, and a huge geek who wants to discuss her cosplay, comic loves and the latest disaster in Doctor Who… but I also LOVE fashion, makeup and beauty blogging. I love ‘girlie’ shows like 90210, Gilmore Girls and Pretty Little Liars. How on earth can you include them all in one blog without alienating someone all the time?

    In the end, I just thought… well, *I* exist, so I’m sure other girls (and guys, too!) love all the same stuff as me too, just gotta find ’em.

    Anyway, tl;dr this was an awesome post but that one catagory really hit home with me!

  13. Mindy says:

    Oh man, I can totally relate to the need to de-clutter. About once a year, I do a massive purge of EVERYTHING. It makes life feel so much simpler and let’s me focus on the things I actually care about.

    And I can really relate to feeling pigeonholed in one area. I got a lot of comments towards the end of 2014 from people saying they didn’t like my non-cosplay posts on my blog. Well, I get that, but at the end of the day, I’m not going to let myself be confined. There are a lot of things I care about! I can’t wait to see where your blog goes this year :)

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