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Tea & Games Chat: Luigi’s Mansion

One of my goals for the Fall season was to beat Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon for Nintendo 3DS and I’m so happy to say that I was able to check it off my to do list!  I started playing it last year but I suppose I got distracted by other books and tv shows so I let it fall to the wayside.  I really want to beat all of the games I have (there’s no reason I should be buying them without actually playing them) so I feel like this was a great start!

Overall, I enjoyed playing the game although if you ask Andrew LINK who saw / heard me playing, he might say otherwise.  I get really competitive when I play games and to be honest, my personal enjoyment comes more from winning than it does from learning about the story of the game.  I’m not sure if anyone else is the same way?  There were many times during Luigi’s Mansion that I was tempted to throw my pearlized pink 3DS across the room and cross my arms and sulk.  I’m kind of a child about games.  I thought it would be fun to recap the 5 most frustrating moments I faced while playing.


In Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, Mario is nowhere to be found so it’s up to Luigi to recover pieces of the shattered Dark Moon to give to Professor E. Gadd so he can help get the ghosts in Evershade Valley under control.  As Luigi explores the mansions, he uses his Poltergust 5000 (which looks like a jetpack but operates like a vacuum) to capture hostile ghosts who are inerfering with his mission and trying to escape to wreak havoc on the rest of the world.  Luigi is also equipped with a Darklight Device which allows him to uncover invisible objects and extract objects from paintings.  There are 5 haunted mansions Luigi has to explore and he recovers a piece of the Dark Moon after defeating each mansion’s boss.  Luckily, there are golden bones hidden throughout each level which really come in handy if Luigi loses all of his health.  It allows him to continue playing from the point he’s at instead of starting the mission over at the beginning.  There’s also a map on the bottom screen which shows the player which rooms they need to go into and which doors are unlocked.

Ghosts do tend to pop out of anywhere and everywhere so it’s fitting that Luigi is the playable character because he looks as terrified as I felt for the entire game. My favorite ghost is the Polterpup who often interferes by burying things Luigi needs or running away with them but you can tell that it’s not malicious and he just wants to play!  In order to beat ghosts, Luigi has to first power up his flashbulb to stun the ghost in question and then use his Poltergust to suck them up until they’re out of health.  There’s even a power bar that allows you to charge up and once the bar is full, you can hit A and the ghost will go out with a big zap.  Throughout the latter half of the game, you’ll rescue Toad assistants for the Professor and they’re one of the biggest nuciances of the game because while they’re not always visibly terrified, they’ll just stop moving if they’re scared and you’ll have to go back and carry them against their will in order to clear the level.

5 Most Frustrating Moments


1) Three Sisters Ghosts – I hate these ghosts. They circle around you in a garden cemetary holding mirrors which cause your flashulb to be ineffective.  You have to wait until they get bored of looking at themselves and turn their mirror away before you can start your attack.  It’s so hard to make a dent in any of their health because as soon as your Poltergust 5000 latches on to one, another sister will come after you. I had to play this challenge multiple times before advancing.


2) The Never Ending Staircase – Prior to challenging the boss in the Tree Topping mansion, Luigi is trapped in a seemingly never ending room of staircases and it took me a total of 50 minutes just to get to the top.  It’s not hard by any means, it’s just incredibly time consuming.  Luigi is given a never ending series of three staircases and if he chooses the wrong one, the staircase folds so the stairs are flat and he is sent back to the beginning of the room.  If he picks the correct one, he can advance on to the second set of staircases and so on.  The torches of the staircases you’ve cleared will remain lit so if you make a mistake further on, you’ll know which staircase to run through, which again, is not difficult, it just takes a really long time to re-run up every single staircase multiple times.


3) The Clock Tower Boss – This is a really cool concept for a boss but also really frustrating! Luigi is basically standing on a clock and when the clock strikes one, one enemy comes out.  Once the first enemy is beaten, the clock hands move to two and two enemies appear.  Each little battle gets incrementally more challenging and later on, the clock hands are enflamed so if you run into them you’ll lose health.  You only have a certain timeframe to beat each plague of enemies and if you go over the alotted time, the attacks will begin again from 1:00.  You are able to use your Poltergust to manipulate time which comes in handy but you also have to be careful not to blow it in the wrong direction.


4) The Ice Boss – Apparently I’m really bad at aiming my with my 3DS screen, (the same way that I struggle with Wii-motes, le sigh) so I had to play this level numerous times as well.  Luigi is given control over a bomb thrower which he must aim at an ice monster type thing directly below him as he’s billowing toward it.  The ice over the monsters face is covered in segments of ice and it rotates continuously.  As you shatter more pieces of ice, the target moves further away making it increasinly more difficult to predict a direct hit.  If you take too much time, the ice reforms.  If the ice reforms twice, the bomb thrower will overheat and you’ll have to start the mission over.


5) Paranormal Chaos at the Trecherous Mansion – This battle is aptly named because it is literal all caps CHAOS.  There are multiple ghosts haunting every single room in the mansion you have to be sure to keep an eye on your map because once a room starts flashing yellow, the danger is increasing.  If the room turns to red, the mission ends and you’ll need to start over.  The level is also different every single time you play it so you’re not necessarily following any kind of pattern.  You just have to clear the highest risk areas first.  All of the ghosts in each room are super-powered so their health meters are almost off the charts.  It’s helpful if you can grab more than one ghost at a time otherwise you’ll be interrupted by one attacking you while you’re trying to handle a different one.  Once all the rooms are cleared and you’re like HOORAY I DID THIS! You go back up to the rooftop, only to find a giant portal spewing more ghosts than you’ve battled in the whole game combined.  It’s no bueno.  Good luck and God speed.


So despite how traumatizing it has been to relive some of those experiences, I feel accomplished for beating the game.  I’ve always liked Luigi more than Mario so that’s part of the reason that it initially appealed to me.  I also suggest checking it out in October because GHOSTS!


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  1. I actually love Luigi more than Mario as well. Yay for beating the game – this one looks like a lot of fun :)
    Danielle @ From Girlie to Nerdy recently posted…5 Fandom Friday – Favorite Fictional TeachersMy Profile

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