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Fall TV Anxiety Strikes

It seems like every Fall I get stuck in the same endless cycle of Fall TV anxiety.  I LOVE the Fall.  I LOVE new TV shows and getting to see new episodes of old favorites.  I actively follow all of the news surrounding upfronts, every bit of casting information I come across, and I find joy in reading the synopses of new shows prior to even seeing the preliminary trailers.  I make lists of all the shows that seem promising (I even gathered those into a video this year – Supergirl FTW!), I mark my calendar with all of the premiere dates and I enthusiastically set my DVR for the upcoming season.

In the first few weeks of September show premieres tend to be staggered.  Only two shows the first week?  DONE.  What? We’re adding a third in the next week? Totes handleable.  By the third week I’m still feeling pretty good and I’m locking down the final schedule of shows I’m sticking with.  Things are going well.  I’m up to date (with the exception of Jeopardy because that premieres every single day so I’m bound to rack up a few episodes here and there).  I’ve even been able to tweet reactions to shows on the night they air (spoiler free of course)!  I’m feeling good.  Things are good.

The next thing I know it’s October and some of the shows I committed to last season are returning.  New Flash (MY FAVORITE), Arrow, Fresh Off the Boat, The Mindy Project and New Girl (just to name a few), what more could a girl ask for?  Suddenly, family things keep coming up.  I’m spending a lot of time during the week catching up on blogging, reading and BookTubing since my weekends have been booked solid. I’m still able to dedicate a small amount of time to TV but realistically I’m only enjoying one 45-min episode or 2-3 20 minute episodes per night.  Unfortunately my lack of time doesn’t stop new episodes from airing.  It’s okay I think. I HAVE to have a free weekend soon.  I’ll just binge watch some stuff!

The weekend comes and goes.  I’ve barely made a dent in the shows I have to catch up on because unexpected life things keep coming up.  I can’t exactly tell my family I have no time to talk to them because there are rumors circulating that the Red Devils will be revealed on Scream Queens next week and I’m still four episodes behind.  I look at my DVR. 85% full.  My anxiety levels start skyrocketing.  I think about how I’m never going to catch up.  “Why do I do this to myself?!” I wonder.  Can I even go online anymore without being spoiled about something I’m behind on?  Then Jessica Jones premieres on Netflix in its entirety and clearly takes precedent over everything else because JESSICA JONES.  Panic attack ensue. (This is the stage I’m in now).


The next thing I know, it’s the holiday season.  Things in TV land are calming down as shows prepare for their Winter hiatuses.  I’m excited.  That means I’ll have weeks of time to catch up before everything resumes.  And it’s Winter.  What introvert wants to leave their house in the Winter?  Not this one.  I barely like committing to going anywhere in the Summer but suddenly I have a valid and widely accepted weather excuse to use.  It’s like a gift.  I see so many cold nights snuggling under blankets with Andrew, my Wii-mote, and lots of chocolate in my near future.  I’m sure to catch up at this rate…  Only, I’ll be adding Agent Carter to my watch list in January.  And X-Files. And Legends of Tomorrow.  And Swords of Shannara.  And…

…I give up.

Until May at least.  Everything is ending. As long as I don’t fall more than 5 episodes behind on anything I can clear my DVR of recent episodes and depend on Hulu.  There’s usually at least one or two shows I’ve decided to give up on by this point.  Whether it’s due to lack of time or interest, it’s bound to happen.  I’m finally there. I’ve finally done it.  I’ve seen all the things (or shows have been cancelled {RIP Constantine, I miss you buddy!} or I’ve come to terms with what I’ll watch when it’s released on Netflix).

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 10.46.52 PM

It usually takes until at least mid-May to fully catch up on everything I care about watching.  Coincidentally, this is when upfronts week occurs.  The cycle re-starts itself.

Do you ever feel this way or go through a similar cycle? Am I the only who stresses herself out about something that’s supposed to be entertainment?  I’m fairly certain that before social media I was never faced with this problem.  Also DVR-ing  of the past actually meant asking my mom to record Dawson’s Creek and Charmed on VHS tapes.  Maybe that’s how I missed out on Gilmore Girls and why I’m only now trying to catch up on all 8 seasons amid the madness of the Fall TV season.


18 Responses to “Fall TV Anxiety Strikes”

  1. Cate says:

    I totally relate and it’s even harder for me to avoid spoilers as we’re sometimes weeks behind here in the UK! I think my whole weekend is just me catching up on TV shows, SO much TV so little time XD
    Cate recently posted…Wishlist Wednesday: STAR WARS STUFF!!My Profile

  2. Alexa S. says:

    I’ll be honest and say I don’t think I’ve ever had TV anxiety. It’s probably because I don’t watch that many shows while they air live! As of now, I only have three (Once Upon a Time, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Supergirl), and I only intend to really add one in January (Agent Carter) and binge Jessica Jones this weekend. But I feel anxious about TV shows in the sense that I WANT to watch so many (ones that have ended, or ones that are in their second or third seasons) and I don’t know when I’ll be able to start or finish those!
    Alexa S. recently posted…Autumn AdventuresMy Profile

    • Kristin says:

      I really need to catch up on Once Upon a Time and I am the most excited for Agent Carter’s return! I love that it’s going to take place in LA this season! All of the promos have gotten me even more excited :-) And wasn’t Jessica Jones amazing?!?! David Tennant is a terrifying villain!

  3. B says:

    I have fallen so behind on my shows. I have yet to see ONE EPISODE of the Flash this season, or Supernatural. I only managed the first few of Scream Queens before I fell behind there. Ugh, it’s hard! I need more hours!
    B recently posted…Funko Fridays: Have you scored any good Funko lately?My Profile

  4. Jen says:

    Yes, yes, yes!!! I’m in this predicament too! I was telling my husband this morning we need a day of tv binge watching because we’re about 3 weeks behind on all our shows. It’s become neverending. And so far, we’ve only wanted to drop one show.

  5. I usually don’t stress about it because I can either catch up with watching on-demand or on Netflix (I don’t have a DVR because $$$). HOWEVER, I’ve found that when I tell people I’m behind on shows I’ve had people IRL and online say stuff like, “You’re behind on Arrow? How can you call yourself a geek??” So THAT makes me anxious, so I try to tune that out. But I totally get it when you try to keep up with a show that you’re super interested in, and you just can’t find the time. It’s frustrating!
    Kendall Ashley recently posted…5 Fandom Friday: Fandoms I’m Thankful ForMy Profile

    • Kristin says:

      That’s so ridiculous! If you’re behind on something it’s obviously because you’re a BUSY geek. And I totally hear you re: DVR. Once Andrew and I move in together I’m pretty sure we’ll be sticking to Hulu instead of springing for DVR or even cable in general!

  6. Rachel says:

    The amount of shows I watch is ridiculous too. And yes! It’s stressful when you get behind and are trying to avoid spoilers or get so far behind that you just have to delete them because you have no space!

  7. TheJastrom says:

    My two favorite shows on tv right now are Limitless (it’s fantastic!) and iZombie (it’s amazing!)just to add some shows to your list of things you don’t have time to watch lol.

    • Kristin says:

      I’ve seen the filming of Limitless around my office several times this year! And I’ve been meaning to catch up on iZombie! I love the comics and I really loved that they used Mike Allred’s art in the intro for the show!

  8. Kelly says:

    This 100% happens to me. Every year. I love that every single year the first few weeks I’m all caught up and thinking “oh wow look how good I’m being at watching TV this year” and then suddenly I’ve got at least 5 episodes of a few shows stacked up to watch. And though I have SO MUCH TV to watch on my DVR you know I sat down and watched 3 episodes of Jessica Jones today. Because priorities.

  9. I’m pretty sure this is why I don’t really watch TV. Then I blew it with Flash/SHIELD and just hope to get through what I can before I binge in the summer.

    • Kristin says:

      Flash is the one show that I always try to be up to date with and everything else I tend to get behind on… Until there are Flash / Arrow crossovers and then I’m forced to catch up on Arrow before I can continue with Flash.

  10. Sara Strauss says:

    OMG YES! I love that you wrote about this! I feel the struggle just like you! I watch too many shows and many are at the same time (ie. Supergirl and Gotham, Blindspot and Castle) and then I have a backup of shows and no time to watch them because of NaNo right now. I’m looking forward to December, so I can catch up!!!

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