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Comics With Kristin: Reading – Superboy: Smallville Attacks by Jeff Lemire, Pier Gallo & Marco Rudy

Comics with Kristin is a post series dedicated to rediscovering my love of comics.  I’ve felt rather disconnected from the industry for the past couple of years for a plethora of reasons, namely, being unable to separate some creators from their work after personal experiences and the way they’ve treated my friends.  I’ve always loved and felt a deep connection to comics so my distance from them has been a struggle but I feel far enough removed now that I’ll be able to start enjoying the medium I love so much once again.  In an effort to reconnect, I’ve decided to re-read my old favorite trades (and some new favorites!) and highlight them here on my blog.  There will be 1-3 posts per week all dedicated to the same trade- one will always be a reading post and one will always be an outfit of the day post.  I hope you enjoy this new feature!

I wanted to start my Comics With Kristin series by reading something by one of my favorite comics authors so I landed on Superboy: Smallville Attacks by Jeff Lemire with artwork by Pier Gallo and Marco Rudy.  It was so easy for me to fall back into the world and my experience this time around was even better than the first.  It’s been long enough that I had a general idea of what happens but I forgot most of the major plot points so it was almost as if I were reading a new story.  While I was reading I realized that Karl Kerschl did variant covers for Lemire’s Superboy which I found really exciting since I love Gotham Academy and I had really only known him for his work on Harley Quinn the first time I read this trade (GA hadn’t existed yet).  I have always loved Jeff Lemire’s writing style and I admire the way he was able to bring such beauty into panels with very few words.  A few of my favorite captions are seen below.  I also loved the Back to the Future and Harry Potter references but my favorite element of the book is all of the cameos throughout issues #1-#11.

My favorite issue is the one where Superboy and Kid Flash throw a race for charity to help the farmers of Smallville since their crops have been destroyed.  The race is televised and they map out a route that takes them around the entire globe.  My favorite panels in this issue are when they take a break near the pyramids in Egypt and Kid Flash tries to make Connor feel better about Wonder Girl since they’ve recently broken up and he seems distracted.  The end of the race made me laugh out loud and you’ll see why if you chose to read it!  The Teen Titans also show up in this issue to support their alum during the race.  Other cameos throughout the trade include Poison Ivy, Phantom Stranger and The Atom.

Superboy: Smallville Attacks is the perfect trade to have started getting back to my roots with because the story is heavily focused on the history within Smallville.  Strange things are afoot and as Mr. Lynch says, “history can hold many valuable secrets.”  Connor really makes Smallville his home and I love his relationship with Ma Kent and that Krypto is present for all of his adventures. I definitely recommend picking this story up if you’re into the teens in comics (full rating after my photos – also note the hilarious pose in the last photo) ^.^

Superboy 1

Superboy 2

Superboy 3

Superboy 4

Superboy 5

Superboy 6

Superboy 7

Superboy 8

Superboy 9

Superboy 10

Superboy 11

Superboy 12

Superboy 13

Superboy 14

Superboy 15

Superboy 18

Superboy 19

Superboy 20

Superboy 21

Superboy 22

Superboy 23

Superboy 24

Rating 5


2 Responses to “Comics With Kristin: Reading – Superboy: Smallville Attacks by Jeff Lemire, Pier Gallo & Marco Rudy”

  1. Sara S says:

    I’ve never heard of this! The art is great! Definitely going to check this one out! Already loving this new series!!
    Sara S recently posted…Pocket Book Reviews {February 2016} + GiveawayMy Profile

  2. This looks like a good comic read. I’ve only read one comic series but really want to branch out more so I’ll have to check this one out.

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