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Book Look OOTD – Reign of Shadows by Sophie Jordan

As far as life updates go, I’m still pretty obsessed with Pokemon GO so there’s not a ton of new things to report.  Right now I’m level 17, going on 18 and in the last 7 days Pokemon GO is responsible for wasting 79% of my battery life so that’s embarrassing.  I will say that I just love the sense of community that’s formed when I pass other people playing and we just give each other knowing nods whereas previously in NYC I wouldn’t ever think of engaging with a stranger under any circumstance.  I even made friends with a man in a suit and we sat together during my lunch break attempting to catch Pokemon at our nearest PokeStop.  Andrew and I have also been re-watching Sailor Moon<3 and we just finished the first part of the first season last night.  So far my favorite episode is the one where they have to battle an enemy who targets an anime artist working on the Sailor V anime.  I’m also just about finished reading the second volume of the Princess Jellyfish 2-in-1 omnibus manga.  So I’ve just felt like an Otaku for the past week.  Other exciting news is that we finally got a shower curtain and it’s the best shower curtain because it features the Death Star!

I’ve known for a while that I wanted to style a Book Look OOTD for Reign of Shadows by Sophie Jordan because it’s one of my favorite books of the year so far.  It’s inspired by Rapunzel (one of my favorite fairytales!) and the end left me CRAVING the next book.  You can read my full review here.  I can’t believe how lucky I was to find a shirt that matched the Reign of Shadows book cover so well! The funny thing is, I didn’t even realize until I was already wearing it.  A lot of times while I’m shopping I’ll buy a shirt or dress with a certain book cover in mind but this one was, as Dumbledore would say, a happy mistake.  I’m also wearing the shoes that I wore at my wedding.  I bought a pair of fancy sparkly Bagdley Mischka d’Orsay heels for the photos I took at my house before the ceremony but as soon as I left I switched into my new and blue bottomed Tieks.  I’m seriously obsessed with Tieks.  I have about six(?) pairs now and I have a wish list of more colors.  They’re just so comfy and I need that in a shoe when I’m walking 3+ miles per day in NYC.








Outfit Details: Shirt – (ModCloth)  |  Jeans (Siwy – Similar)  | Headband – (FemmeDeBlom – Similar)

Shoes (Tieks)  |  Necklace (House of Harlow – N/A)  |  Bracelet (House of Harlow – N/A)


5 Responses to “Book Look OOTD – Reign of Shadows by Sophie Jordan”

  1. I LOVE that shirt. Come to think of it, I have a blue and pink flowered shirt that would really match that cover too!

    I’ve been obsessed with PokemonGO and Sailor Moon this week too… sounds like we’re living the same life at the moment ;)
    Lauren @ Bookmark Lit recently posted…Cover Colors #10: Three Day SummerMy Profile

  2. LOVE this outfit! I too am obsessed with Pokemon GO, though don’t play it as often as I’d like (darn real life interfering haha ;D) And I TOTALLY remember that episode of Sailor Moon! I so need to own them and do a rewatch!

    • Kristin says:

      Haha I hear that! There’s not enough time in the day for real life AND Pokemon Go<3 I'm loving my Sailor Moon rewatch! You should get them and watch them with your daughter!

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