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Potter Month: My Harry Potter World Haul

Potter Month

Potter Month is a month long celebration of Harry Potter hosted by myself and The Nerdy Girlie! If you partake in Potter Month, you can POST YOUR LINK HERE and see what other Potter fans are up to!

Today I’m finally posting my Wizarding World of Harry Potter (and Marvel) haul from when Andrew and I went to Universal during our honeymoon.  I had been saving the video for Potter Month (despite filming as soon as we got home) and then other things just took priority because I was so behind due to wedding things!  I swear our honeymoon vlog and EternalCon vlogs are still coming!  Our day at Harry Potter World was my favorite of the whole honeymoon since my office had gifted us with a VIP tour.  We got to go to the front of every line and take photos wherever we wanted and we were even told how things are made and we had the opportunity to see their production stages which was really cool!  We spent the bulk of the day in Diagon Alley (the Gringotts ride is my absolute favorite now!) and by Hogwarts of course<3


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  1. I need more Ravenclaw things in my life! I have a Quidditch shirt, and a Hogwarts shirt with the crest, but I definitely need some Ravenclaw specific things. The VIP experience sounds absolutely amazing!

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