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‘Tis the Season: We’re All Decorated for Christmas!

This Christmas is a really special one because it’s Andrew and I’s first married Christmas in our very own apartment with no roommates.  As you’re all probably aware, Christmas is a ~big deal~ to me so I’ve been extra looking forward to this one.  It was honestly even more exciting than I imagined it would be to decide upon on Christmas decor and pick out the decorations that spoke to my heart the most!  Since this is our first Christmas, we aren’t bogged down with sentimental ornaments from years past and while I expect that we will inevitably add some of those to our collection as the years pass, I’m so excited to have a fresh start and a tree that I completely love every ornament on.  I always enjoyed my parent’s decorations but I could definitely do without the sports, cars and Elvis ornaments.  I was adamant about putting our tree up as soon as possible because I want to enjoy the season to the fullest.  Before my mini vacation, I took to reading before work in our living room while sipping a cup of hot chai and now I’ll be able to do that beside a twinkling tree and it’s just delightful!  Plus, I’ve fallen in love with my apartment after using the KonMari method (post about that coming next week!).  Anyway, here’s our tree, our table and our stockings! Have you decorated for Christmas yet?


12 Responses to “‘Tis the Season: We’re All Decorated for Christmas!”

  1. Your tree is lovely! We have decorated, and I too love having the coziness of lights and twinkling tree in the living room. We have a tradition to go and cut down our tree on Thanksgiving weekend, and I look forward to it every year. I’d never had a real tree before being with my partner, but I actually really enjoy it!

  2. Cassie says:

    I’m going to imagine the G stocking is for Giovanni.

  3. SO CUTE! I literally JUST ordered that Merry Christmas banner two seconds ago, I kid you not. Headed to Target after work to pick up my new throw pillows, banner, and window clings :D

  4. I love your decorations! They’re so festive.

  5. LOVE your tree!! And the PLAID!! You know I love plaid! I’m a little but psycho when it comes to my Christmas tree. Every ornament has to match the theme and they all need perfect placement… which can be kind of hard when there’s a kid involved. Luckily he knows I’m crazy and doesn’t push to help. hahaha.

  6. Alice says:

    Aww I love seeing your decorations!! The tree is so beautiful ♡

  7. Alexa S. says:

    Your set-up looks so warm and cozy and inviting and Christmasy and I absolutely adore it! <3

  8. Sara says:

    Your apartment is so freaking cute!!! Dying from the Christmas cuteness!

  9. sarah says:

    Looking very Chritsmasy :) Sadly me and my partner are currently residing in China and a paper cut out xmas tree, along with some sad strings of tinsel is the best we can do lol.

  10. Rachel says:

    Hooray for Christmas decorations! It’s the best being able to get all of the new decor for your own place, but I’ll admit, I did snatch a few things from my parents’ collection because I couldn’t imagine not having them!

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