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Learning a Family Recipe + Celebrations Galore!

Whew, I don’t think I’ve ever packed so much into two short days before.  It’s currently Thursday and after one of the busiest weekends followed by an even more insane work week, I can say with certainty that I will be relishing every quiet moment I have coming my way this weekend.  Current plans include lounging on my couch and reading by our Christmas tree!

I decided to get a jump start on the weekend and left my routine 5AM alarm on for Saturday morning so I could shower, get ready and film a couple of videos for the week before our afternoon plans.  I ended up pre-filming a total of four videos, with only one minor mishap- running out of room on my memory card halfway through the last video… and with only a few minutes before I was supposed to pick my brother up from the train station.  Ideally, it would’ve been best to upload what I had filmed and then resume once I had space again so to keep the same camera settings but alas, time was not on my side.  (Boring behind the scenes filming stuff!)  I didn’t even get the opportunity to take more than two outfit photos but I am satisfied with what I filmed so that’s a win!  This past week, I created an end of the year survey for my YouTube viewers and blog readers to take to help me better plan for 2018 and I have to say that I’m just over the moon with the overwhelming amount of responses I’ve received so far.  I feel like I have such a clearer plan for the future, knowing exactly what you guys like to watch and read about, so thank you every much if you took it already!  I’ve been thinking of posting the results here too in case they can be helpful to anyone else but I’m on the fence about it.  I love graphs and pie charts but I don’t want to bore you guys!

So anyway, after I finished filming we basically RAN out the door.  Fortunately(?) there was a track fire so my brother’s train was delayed and we got to the station before him so he was none the wiser about our potential tardiness.  From there, we headed to my parents house to learn the secret family recipe for Glühwein from the master himself, my grandfather!  I was taking notes throughout the whole process (which I still have to digitize for my family) but let me tell you, it was NOT easy.  My grandfather is a very stern old school German so attempting to get some explanation of the steps throughout the process was a bit like pulling teeth.  Like any good family recipe, a lot of the ingredients are “to taste” so there aren’t many hard and fast rules.  Our batches turned out perfectly and I’m so happy that my brother and I will be able to continue on the tradition without our families of making homemade Glühwein every holiday season<3
We finished with enough time to enjoy our first cup of Glühwein, run home, change and hop on the next train into New York City to celebrate our friend Gil’s birthday!  We went to a restaurant on the LES that I had frequented for brunch in my younger years but hadn’t ever gone to for dinner. It ended up being so good! The drinks were incredible (I got a bubbly mule which is essentially a Moscow mule but made with champagne instead of beer) and I would be lying if I didn’t say that I was a bit overexcited by the classic copper mug it arrived in.  And the food was delicious! I got chips and guacamole and yucca fries with an aioli sauce (not the healthiest of dinner choices but yolo).  I had one of Andrew’s truffle fries and those were delicious as well!  Overall, it ended up being a really enjoyable evening of conversation with friends.  I think we even convinced a few people to read The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss (because if you’re at a dinner party with me, you’re getting book recommendations. It’s inevitably going to happen).  I’m usually adverse to going into NYC on weekends since I spend all week commuting back and forth from there but I often forget that the train ride feels like less of hassle when you’re headed in for a fun event.  We ended up getting home late and after waking up at 5AM and going non-stop, I crashed so hard the minute my head hit my pillow!
Sunday’s are the boring errand day when Andrew and I do our food shopping, make a big breakfast and handle our cleaning for the week but we just couldn’t.  We got up a bit later than normal and I spent the two hours I had before our next event catching up on some BookTube videos and getting ready.  We then went to a gender reveal party which I’ve never done before! One of Andrew’s groomsmen from our wedding and his wife called us a couple of weeks ago and told us they were pregnant! As if that weren’t enough of a surprise, when they showed us the sonogram we saw two dots labeled Twin A and Twin B! They’re having identical twins which is so cool!  I loved the decorations they had at the party and they entered the guests into a raffle after we guessed the sex and put our names in the girl or boy basket (which I ended up winning!).  They also had a much more exciting reveal than I’ve seen before.  They ordered confetti cannons and shot them off in Sarah’s parents backyard which made for some great photos!  After that, it was back home to host my July book club for Spines With Wines with Cassie (yeah… we’re a couple of months behind lol!), and then edit my FORTY minute book haul for Monday.  So suffice to say, the weekend was over in the blink of an eye.
I love being able to squeeze so much into a weekend but being my introverted self, I then require a whole bunch of time to recover afterward.  We only have one obligation this weekend (Erika’s annual ugly sweater party that I’m so excited for!) in addition to the regular weekend filming and editing and I’m already planning my freebie Sunday down to the minute.  I’m picturing extreme coziness- cute socks, comfy blanket, warm sweater, hot cup of tea and a good book!

4 Responses to “Learning a Family Recipe + Celebrations Galore!”

  1. Cassie says:

    Stashes or lashes!?! Love that. Also, the confetti canons looks so fun!
    Cassie recently posted…My Year in Reading: Cassie-la’s November 2017 Book HaulMy Profile

  2. Gillian says:

    Wow! I had no idea how crazy your weekend was last week! Thank you so much for coming to my dinner! <3
    Gillian recently posted…12 days of christmas: nyc windows & decorationsMy Profile

  3. Sounds like a fun weekend!
    Mariah Kaercher recently posted…The Month in WordPress: November 2017My Profile

  4. Alexa S. says:

    Even though it’s me commenting yeeeeears later, I still love how cozy and happy and busy and holiday-inspired this weekend was for you guys!
    Alexa S. recently posted…May-October 2019 (AKA An Extended Edition of Alexa’s Adventures)My Profile

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