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Every so often I get the urge to go through my Feedly and do an in depth digital decluttering.  I remove blogs that have been inactive or ones that I find myself marking as read without actually visiting them and viewing their content.  Afterward, I always feel wonderfully light! Decluttering your digital space can be just as refreshing as cleaning out your closet.  In fact, I would even say that I appreciate it more because I spend more time online than I do in my closet. It’s a declutter for your mind and soul.  I’m pretty excited for the sites I have left in my sub box and I’ve already found that I’ve wasted less time during the day sifting through articles for the ones I want to read.

That being said, this particular declutter was a sad event.  There are so many bloggers that have stopped over the years or primarily use instagram now and I find myself longing for the days of blogging past (the one exception is book bloggers who are still going strong for the most part so nothing in this post is in reference to their wonderful community of consistent bloggers!).  I know I’ve expressed this before but it really hit hard today.  I ended up unfollowing the majority of the fashion blogs in my feed with the exception of a few favorites because I find that the fashion blogosphere in particular has turned into a niche that I no longer feel enthusiasm for.  Every post is some type of paid promotion or some blogger talking about their “favorite sweater ever” that will likely end up in their Depop shop the following week.  I struggle to find the authentic voices of the bloggers who inspired me back in the day to begin my own blogging journey.  I totally understand that blogging has become their livelihood (and more power to them!) but it’s become pretty easy to determine who’s doing it because they love blogging vs who’s accepting every brand partnership that comes their way.  I long for the days before sponsored posts, tags and weekly memes that can seem like content for the sake of posting content, not because there’s a genuine excitement for the topic of their post.  I personally don’t mind if a blogger is more sporadic between posts as long as their content or voice is of interest.  (Another gripe, those bloggers that blog about blogging and about how they made so much money by doing XYZ and they grew their instagram following these steps etc.)

I definitely fall into the category of inactive blogger lately, having moved most of my creative content over to YouTube, but I’ve been feeling re-inspired lately for several reasons.  I’ve been spending a lot less time watching YouTube videos which has freed up a ton of time for me!  I still have my favorites that I’ll add to my queue until I have the opportunity to watch, but overall, it’s given me more time to invest in video games, comics, manga and just my general fandom loves that I’d been neglecting for the past few years…  And it feels G O O D.  It’s almost like I’m rediscovering my roots in a way<3 You may have noticed that I’ve been diversifying my instagram photos lately as well- mixing in fandom, ice cream and photos of myself along with my book content.  I’ve also been filming some fandom themed YouTube videos that I’m so excited to share in the coming weeks.  And remember how I mentioned closets?  Well, I’ve kind of packed mine this past week with pieces that I’ve missed out on (thanks eBay!) and cute new pieces I’ve seen on my old haunts.  It’s so weird because I had originally wanted to start dressing more adult and being more subtle but it was SO boring.  I feel more me and more alive now.  I love expressing my love of things through apparel and accessories and I just feel this drive and motivation now that I’ve been indulging in doing so. Basically, I feel awesome<3

But anyway, blogs.  I thought I would share some blogs here that I really miss reading who were active in my glory days of blogging.  I wish I were still seeing these lovely faces in my feed. If you know of anyone with a similar style, PLEASE let me know in the comments because I’m craving some authentic voices with bright photography!  And then below that I’m going to share some currently active (although some are sporadic) bloggers who are giving me life.


Comics Alliance – I really miss the good ole days of CA.  They had such a cohesive voice amongst all of their writers and I looked forward to reading all of their articles.  I found that many comics news websites would be overwhelming, posting upwards of 20 posts per day but CA was fantastic about sifting through news and reporting thoughtful articles on the best of the best news and geek fashion.

Junebugs & Georgia Peaches – Thankfully both Amanda and Katie are very active instagrammers but I really miss their darling blog posts. They’re my go to experts for retro fashion and they share my love of reading and Harry Potter.  Their blog is still up so you’re able to browse the archives (thank goodness!) but their last post was about a year ago.
Briar Rose – She was the first Disney blogger that I followed! All of her clothes were so cute.  She started as a fashion blogger and then slowly turned into a Disney cosplay blogger and now her website isn’t even online any longer.
Sincerely Sara – Sara started as a mostly geeky blogger which is how I found her but she shifted into a mostly book blogger.  Fortunately, she’s still around on bookstagram so I look forward to her updates there.
Sparklegirl Jen – Jen was such a cute crafter! I loved seeing what she was making and photos of her convention prep.  She also had adorable cats and turtles and her outfits were always way cute!
My Life as a Teacup – Kristin is a fellow geek girl who started the NovelTea book club on goodreads.  She was an English teacher and editor so her writing was fantastic!  Another plus- she was a fellow Sailor Moon fan!


Pretty Geekery

Le Fancy Geek

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54 Responses to “I Miss Blogs”

  1. Maureen says:

    yes to more blogging! Sometimes I can’t invest my time on the 20 minute videos and I subscribe to so many different things on youtube that my “Watch Later” feed is so long and overwhelming. I’d rather pop onto a blog and read about something interesting for 5 minutes during a break at work (like now!) thanks!

    • YES SAME! I used to love those free moments at work when I could catch up on a favorite bloggers post but my Feedly is so much sparser than it used to be. I tend to read more news style site now because that’s most of what’s available :-( My watch later queue on YouTube has over 150 videos in it at the moment >.<
      Kristin (SuperSpaceChick) recently posted…I Miss BlogsMy Profile

  2. Alice says:

    First of all, you just made my day! Knowing that someone enjoys reading my blog is still an amazing thing to read for me and it helps a lot during those uninspired moments. Reading your post almost made me cry because I feel so sad the path the blogging world has taken.

    My Life as a Teacup was one of my favourite blogs ever and it’s so sad it no longer exhist. :(

    I unfollowed tons of channels lately and I only follow a few BookTubers now (you’re on the list, of course) because I was wasting TOO much time on YouTube, especially watching plan with me wideos *blushes* and I did the same with TV shows. I started playing more LOTRO and reading more in my spare time and it feels incredibly good. “It’s almost like I’m rediscovering my roots in a way” YES, also I love that you’re bringing more fandoms in your Instagram and Booktube profiles.

    You know, what? I’m glad I kept blogging and I didn’t close my blog. And I have to thank you for the constant support!
    Alice recently posted…How I’m Using Social Media in 2018My Profile

    • <3 <3 <3 I do really enjoy your blog and I'm so happy you're still posting! It feels like all of the lovely ladies we found around the same time have stopped and it makes me so sad too. I really wish there were more people into blogging. I loooved My Life as a Teacup too and sadly, I don't even know what she's up to at all anymore! Thank you for keeping me in your queue<3 And no need blush, I definitely watch a ton of videos that are more of a waste of time than planning videos lol! I really want to play LOTRO! Your posts always make me want to try it out even more! And thank YOU for the constant support as well!
      Kristin (SuperSpaceChick) recently posted…I Miss BlogsMy Profile

      • Alice says:

        I feel like the Spring of 2017 has been the worst moment ever for blogs, that’s when we started struggling and most abandoned their blogs in favour of Instagram! I believe Kristin studied how to code and now works in that field, I follow her only on Instagram these days.

        You should try LOTRO! It’s an MMORPG like World of Warcraft but I prefer LOTRO because it’s more relaxing and you can even stay months without playing, it doesn’t damage your character. Also, you can try it for free, the starter zones are free to play. The creators are doing a great job, they work with Tolkien academics and professors and I love that they didn’t copy Peter Jackson’s movies.

        Ok, I’ll stop, I could talk about that all day long! :D
        Alice recently posted…I’m Breaking My Book Buying BanMy Profile

        • No, please do keep talking about LOTRO! It sounds really interesting and that’s amazing that they made sure not to copy Peter Jackson. I just rewatched Fellowship the other day and I have to watch the rest of the movies again soon<3 I'm also hoping to re-read them again this year! And agreed! There was a definite drop off of bloggers last spring. I'm glad everyone is so happy on insta but I still miss the more in depth posts on blogs!
          Kristin (SuperSpaceChick) recently posted…I Miss BlogsMy Profile

  3. Melissa says:

    I’ve been feeling this lately too! It seems like there are so few people blogging anymore, and I miss the days when I was constantly being inspired by hearing others thoughts, feelings, and views. I’m guilty of being a sporadic blogger myself, but I’m trying very hard to make this the year that I get back into it. Instagram is fun, but it’s not exactly the same!

  4. Zoe says:

    Hi- I love this and just earlier today I did a blog post I started months ago.. it felt a lovely thing to sit and complete it- find pictures and things… I’m on instagram and having loads of fun but blogging is different as more writing, it’s harder to get attention to read blogging though but I think I will try to get back into a post or two a month ? it’s all fun.
    @platform934station and @gryffindor_tribe on insta

  5. I really miss how Book blogs used to be. As much as I love booktube, I enjoy reading posts too. I restarted my blog and started to get hung up on the lack of views but decided I do it for me. It’s a creative outlet for me. So enjoyed reading your perspective on this and that you shared some blogs. I will definitely check them out!

    • Thank you Dana! I’m glad you decided to start again for yourself! I agree that it can be disheartening. I definitely have a wider audience on BookTube vs blogging and I fell into the mindset of not wanting to publish blog posts that I could do as videos instead. I feel like I’ve experimented on what works for me when it comes to blogging a ton throughout the past 7 years but I’m going to take this newly felt motivation and run with it!
      Kristin (SuperSpaceChick) recently posted…I Miss BlogsMy Profile

  6. Oh gosh thank you so much for adding me to your list that was such a nice thing to see. I’m so glad you enjoy reading my blog! Hopefully I will see more of your posts popping up in my Feedly list now I’ve had a clearout!

    As you know I’ve recently done a social media declutter and boy oh boy is it nice to have the time to read the blogs I really enjoy. I too noticed that some of the blogs I used to follow were no longer running, which is a shame.

    I suggest you check out Simply Stacey’s blog, she recently rebranded and has done so well being an organised blogger and vlogger.

    Also for bright, colourful feeds on instagram check out Estellosaurus
    Vikki @Cuteek recently posted…Do You Need a Social Media Declutter?My Profile

  7. Katrina says:

    I actually switched from YouTube to blogging and cut down how much time I spend on YouTube. I’ve become increasingly busier as I get older and found that blogging fits into my schedule better and that I sound more authentic when blogging versus trying to do a video. I am starting to add more blogs to my list, yours and Sarcasm in Heels are the only ones I read regularly.

    • I totally know what you mean! Now that I haven’t been watching as much YouTube, I feel like I have a lot more time to myself which has been rejuvenating! I’ve always loved blogging and while I personally feel that blogging requires a lot more effort, I love the challenge of stringing together the words you want to use until you’re totally happy with what you’re posting.
      Kristin (SuperSpaceChick) recently posted…I Miss BlogsMy Profile

      • Katrina says:

        I agree, blogging is not easy, especially when you are trying to get something up the day off. I’ve been posting twice a week and I have rotating subjects (libraries, college, fangirl stuff and books) but it gets hard because I’ll want to post about something that’ll require more research or it’ll be time for a book post and I haven’t read anything or finished reading something. The morning commutes help because I can start outlining blog posts on my phone and really think through what I am writing. I think its the academic in me that really enjoys blogging, its less stressful than academic writing but still allows me a way to express thoughts and ideas.

  8. This post made me so happy because it sounds like you’re able to feel like yourself in so many ways right now! Clothes, fandom things, enjoying manga and shows, etc. I love that feeling so much. I don’t think I have much of a ~style~ aside from my addiction to anything floral print and/or comfortable so I always love seeing your outfitty-bookish posts! I find that writing about whatever I want on my blog just makes me so much happier, even if it’s not 100% books.

  9. Man, this was kinda sad :( It was also a real wake-up call for posting content for content sake. I feel like I force myself to make more blog posts than I need too and get overwhelmed reviewing things I’ve been sent and not talking about stuff I really, truly care about.

    • <3 I think it's totally natural for everyone to let that happen to them. I'm definitely guilty of doing so in the past but I've been really good about reading what I want to read the past year. BUT I felt limited to only bookish posts since that's what most people follow me for but this past month when I decided to start pouring my heart into my loves I've been neglecting I've been feeling so much better, so much more excited about making content and just generally happier!
      Kristin (SuperSpaceChick) recently posted…I Miss BlogsMy Profile

  10. Celeste says:

    Hi, Kristin! I saw your blog announcement on Instagram and came running to my computer to read it because I’m craving blogs too.
    I have so many fond memories of high school and reading all the lifestyle and fandom blogs, I made so many friends through blogs that are still part of my life!

    I personally think that the charm of blogging has been wearing off because of all the people doing it for the sponsors and for the F4F, etc. I sometimes find it easier to share my stuff on Instagram because the community there is more alive and I feel I can be friends with them. Or maybe that’s just me??

    On the other hand, I’ve found some awesome blogs (like yours and some blogs on your list!) and I’m so grateful for that! I think we are part of a geeky girl community of bloggers that has so much potential to bring blogs back. We can definitely support and encourage each other, maybe find ways to collaborate (apart from doing Tags). Thank you so much for posting this, I’ve been daydreaming about doing more blog related stuff and you just got me to actually bring out my planner :).

    Also, I have the biggest smile on my face because I didn’t expect to see my blog mentioned on your post! Thank you so much <3

    Lots of love :*
    Celeste recently posted…Valentine’s Day Harry Potter CookiesMy Profile

    • Celeste<3! Your comment has melted my heart. As you know, I so appreciate you and all the content that you post and every time you show up in my feed I get so excited (both blog-wise and insta-wise)! I too am still friends with so many of the people I met through blogging. I feel like 5-6 years ago was my golden age of blogging when everything started coming together. I realized that people with the same interests as me existed as opposed to the people I hung out with out of habit because of our geographical proximity and Twitter was my favorite social network ever. Now I don't even open the app for weeks because I'm just expecting negativity and complaining no matter how many people I mute. AND YES! I hate the sponsored posts and the F4F culture that a lot of people have fallen into. When I do post recommendations, I like it to be because I genuinely enjoy that person's content and not because I'm expecting anything in return. I also agree re: instagram. There is definitely a stronger community there but the algorithm has made it disheartening. Sometimes I don't see friends posts but I'm stuck seeing the same few people over and over because they have a large following. Can we please work on that? Bringing back the geeky girl community of boss babe bloggers? I miss them so much! I would love to collab as well! And I can't wait to see your new posts!
      Kristin (SuperSpaceChick) recently posted…I Miss BlogsMy Profile

  11. Cate says:

    I’ve been feeling like this, a lot of the bloggers I used to love and a lot of my friends no longer post anymore and it seems like blogging about blogging is the new trend and everyone has moved over to IG. I’ll admit I’ve become a bit lost when it comes to blogging as I’m just not as inspired anymore especially as none of my friends blog anymore but one thing I hope to do is make my blog a bit more personal and fun again as I really miss seeing that from others xoxo

    • I know exactly what you mean! It’s so much more fun to blog when you have a solid group of friends who are doing the same. I loooooove when you post your anime recommendations so I hope you never stop those! I hadn’t been feeling as inspired either but thankfully the feeling has returned recently so I’m looking forward to publishing more posts!
      Kristin (SuperSpaceChick) recently posted…I Miss BlogsMy Profile

  12. Kinga says:

    thanku very much for the prompt reply.

  13. YES! I miss blogs too, and although I understand paid promotions, if it’s ALL someone posts then that’s not good at all. Thanks for the blog inspiration, it looks like you have a great little community here still <3
    Jasmine Aurora // Photography Journal
    Jasmine Aurora recently posted…Filming Behind the ScenesMy Profile

    • Thanks Jasmine! It’s not necessarily the paid promotion part that bothers me- it’s seeing how quickly things are posted and then discarded. It makes it hard to trust opinions when I notice that cycle. But yes, I got such positive responses to this post and I’m feeling more and more excited about future blogging now<3
      Kristin (SuperSpaceChick) recently posted…I Miss BlogsMy Profile

  14. Angie says:

    Great post, Kristin. Inspiring as well as bittersweet.

    I’ve found that I like visiting blogs more than youTube, because it’s where my roots are, and it just feels more authentic. I also feel like a bloggers voice is more consistent, and having watched some youTubers for years, their attitudes change. And not in a good way. I see a lot of people on youTube and can’t believe their presentation or just lack of respect for the audience or authors in general, and it seems to happen when they gain a big following. I can’t help but wonder if they were always like this or maybe I’m changing and am looking for more kindness in the world. (Cheesy much? LOL)

    Beauty vloggers were where my love of youTube started, but recently culled my subscriptions. I often wonder if some of them say no thank you to anything. And like you, I find it hard to trust their opinions when they’re talking about items that have nothing to do with their channel or just want free stuff.

    Thanks again for sharing. This is great food for thought.
    Angie recently posted…ARC Review | This Heart of Mine by C.C. HunterMy Profile

    • Kristin says:

      Not at all cheesy! I can totally see where you’re coming from with the changing of attitudes. I do wonder if it’s partially because YouTube tends to skew younger and it is natural for those folks to change as they get a bit older. And I too have yet to find a beauty vlogger that I can get behind.

  15. Rachel says:

    I’m totally with you on this! While sure it’s nice to have some sponsored content here and there to get paid, I miss the authenticity of blogging and people just talking about what they love without #ad on the end of it! And it’s crazy how many people have stopped blogging or jumped ship for another platform (i.e. Instagram). This is also a good reminder that I need to get to your YouTube channel more often!
    Rachel recently posted…How to Avoid Impulse BuyingMy Profile

    • Kristin says:

      Yes, same! I understand it every once in a while or if you can tell that someone is actually genuinely loving something but there are too many people that accept partnerships that don’t at all fit with their brand. And anytime #ad or #sponsored is at the end of the post it immediately adds a seed of doubt to the veracity of the post. And yes! I do love insta but I miss sitting down and enjoying reading a bunch of blog posts instead of being at the whim of whatever the instagram algorithm wants to show me!

  16. B says:

    I feel this post so much. I’ve gone through my own feed a few times because I started to notice more and more covert sponsored posts. I get it, make your money! But when EVERY post feels like it’s sponsored? I just can’t deal with that. How do I know what YOUR voice is? And what YOU think?
    B recently posted…New Stranger Things, Disney, and IT Funko Pops Available!My Profile

    • Kristin says:

      Exactly!!! As soon as I see that a post is sponsored, it immediately makes me doubt whether I can trust the opinions in it. And I also dislike when people make a point to say something isn’t sponsored because it makes me question whether everything else is!

  17. I agree with this post! There are a couple bloggers I stopped following because they became inactive and it always made me so sad!

  18. Emma says:

    I hadn’t quite realised just how many bloggers were inactive until I read your post. When I started my first blog a good three years ago now, the geeky blogging community was huge, with people posting almost everyday, but you’re right, the ladies who inspired me to take the blogging leap aren’t even around anymore, which is actually super sad. I do still love following them all on Instagram, but it’s not quite the same. Still, you’ve given me a few new blogs to investigate which I’m greatful for – I’m always looking for colourful, geeky blogs to devour.

    Emma ||

  19. gekitsu says:

    hello kristin,

    i came here via alice’s blog (where i posted my [lengthy] stance on the blogging situation in general) and just wanted to drop off that i really enjoy i can’t speak to how much of a replacement it could be for comics alliance, but i quite like their stuff and found several comics i came to love through them.

    thanks for the great post. may it spark a renaissance of actual blogging!

  20. Dee says:

    Great post, I have discovered a few new blogs to follow!

  21. Cassie says:

    I am loving Mermaidens, thanks for the recommendation!
    Cassie recently posted…Hot Off the Proverbial Presses: February 20, 2017My Profile

  22. […] I Miss Blogs: This post from my pal Kristen really resonated with me! I’m so happy she’s blogging […]

  23. Anne says:

    Thank you so much for the mention! I’m really glad to hear you’re enjoying my blog so much! I sometimes feel a bit “old school” because I’m still so firmly in my blogging ways, haha. Always trying to improve things, but I don’t I could ever switch over to video entirely! I just love writing too much! I would love a blogging renaissance of sorts, because there are even more amazing tools available to make awesome blogs with gorgeous photos and layouts these days!

    • Kristin says:

      You’re welcome! It’s because you’re old school that you’re one of my favorite bloggers! I’m really hoping for a blogging renaissance as well. I miss having a long lists of posts to read each morning!

  24. I’ve been following/ part of the book blogging community for 8 years now, and it’s been sad watching it slow down over the years. But even though more people are slowing down (I am one of those! Growing up and going through university steals lots of time and I had no choice but to cut back) the community is still strong!

    I need to do my own giant clean of blogs I don’t read anymore/ aren’t active and find some new people to follow! Thanks for sharing the blogs that you love

  25. I love this post, because I feel the same way- I only started blogging 4 years ago but already I feel like I’ve seen a major shift away from traditional blogs to Instagram in the book community. And while there’s nothing wrong with that, my first love was for book blogging and I still love the focus being on the words when discussing books! I feel like I really need to give my Feedly a decluttering too- I’m so sick of the “filler” posts. I personally have even moved away from a lot of memes because I felt like I was posting just to post. Now I try to get about 2 quality posts up per week and devote my time to that (and maybe occasionally doing a TTT post, but only if I like the theme!)

    • Kristin says:

      I completely agree re: filler posts! That’s why I love your blog so much- you’ve been posting thoughtful posts for as long as I’ve been following you! And I love that you’ve been infusing some other interests (like makeup and that cute tea place) as well!

  26. […] I Miss Blogs: This post from my pal Kristen really resonated with me! I’m so happy she’s blogging […]

  27. Alexa S. says:

    I’ve been so inconsistent about blogging over the past two years (even though I’ve got plenty going on in other places online). I do miss it though, and it will always mean the most to me! Writing has always been the easiest and most comfortable way for me to express myself, and that has me feeling like a blog renaissance of my own is overdue :)
    Alexa S. recently posted…Beautiful BanffMy Profile

  28. Bonny says:

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    Bonny recently posted…BonnyMy Profile

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