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We’re Moving to NYC + The Process That Led Us There!

Today I’m here to say a thing that I never thought I would say.  As you may have seen on my instagram story, Andrew and I are gearing up to move back to New York City in just two short weeks.  There were a number of factors that led to our decision and while we were both nervous and bit hesitant to move back, I can honestly say that we’re both feeling better and better about our decision as each day passes.  There were several conditions I had in mind for moving back and I can happily say that our new place far exceeds them all.  I thought I would blog a bit about the process behind apartment hunting in NYC in case you’re considering moving and want to know what to expect.

If you are unfamiliar with New York real estate, I can sum it up for you with these four points: 1) It’s VERY expensive, 2) apartment rentals move at light speed, 3) space is a rare commodity, and 4) did I mention how expensive it is?

After spending a bunch of time looking in other places outside of the city (mainly in the Hudson Valley where I still wish to move to when we’re ready to buy a home), we kept coming back to the fact that it won’t solve the issue of our quality of life since we have a 4 hour a day commute and we’re completely dependent on the most unreliable company in Manhattan, the MTA.  Thinking about city living, I impulsively fell into a Zillow black hole and I found a few places that seemed okay.  I reached out to a bunch of brokers to see who would respond to me first and scheduled a couple of viewings for the very next day.

At this point, I kind of had it in my head that I was ready to get out of our current living situation.  The best advice I’ve ever heard is that if you’re unhappy, you can either make a change to better your situation or you can learn to accept what you’re dealing with.  I tend to have the mindset of the former.

On our first venture out into the New York apartment market, we looked at a total of three apartments.  The first one was an immediate no from both of us.  I can honestly say I’ve never seen such a small living space.  I felt shocked and worried that everything would be similar since the online photos were clearly meant to deceive any prospective renters.  Another thing about NYC apartments, they very rarely list the square footage of a place online so you can’t even filter our the unlivable ones.  The second place we saw was really cute and I having visions of how I would decorate it.  Andrew was still on the skeptical side since it was smaller than our current place but I was a bit romanced by the private balcony.  We currently live in a basement apartment and I feel like I never see sunlight.  This was the complete opposite and I was enchanted.  Reluctantly, Andrew agreed to apply for it and he was going to head back to measure the following day.  Early in the AM, we got a message from our broker that someone else snagged the apartment, so back to Zillow I went.

I found a listing for an apartment that had gone up less than twelve hours prior with similar square footage to our current apartment, an affordable (for Manhattan) monthly rent, a 24 hour doorman, a private balcony, and in walking distance from my office.  I thought some mistake must’ve been made. I immediately sent over the link to our broker who set up a viewing for us that evening.

As soon as we walked in the building, I got a warm feeling in my heart.  Then when we walked into the actual apartment, I knew immediately that it was the one for us.  So much space! So much natural light! The possibilities were seemingly endless.  I was trying to tone down my excitement to gauge Andrew’s feelings but luckily, we were on the same page.  Having just gone through the loss of the other apartment, we had gathered all of our documents that morning *just in case* (in NYC you need an insane amount of documentation- I’m talking bank statements, pages of your tax return, pay stubs, a letter of employment, references, and more).  We submitted our application and documentation that night.  For someone like me who struggles with anxiety, I cannot even begin to tell you how scary it is to hand someone a packet of everything needed to steal your identity, but alas, that is the way of the world.

We heard back the next day that we made it through the first round with our credit checks, were asked to fill out a second application for the building and leave a security deposit as a sign of good faith while we were in review.  Then after a long weekend of waiting, we found out Monday evening that were approved and they wanted us to sign a lease the following morning, as well as pay our first and last month’s rent and our broker fee (which is astronomical… seriously why am I not a real estate agent?).

We put on our application that our desired move in date was May 15th but were told that other people applied after us for a May 1st move in so it was push up our date or lose the apartment.  So obviously, we pushed up our date.  I’m not sure how strictly it’s enforced, but in our lease we had to agree to move in within 10 days of the lease agreement otherwise we could lose to apartment.  We also have to cover 80% of our beautiful wood floors with rugs (I’ve heard this one isn’t very enforced but we both don’t want to break any rules) and there were a slew of other rules.  One rule I’m fond of is that our building doesn’t allow for AirBnB rentals or subleases.

So anyway, we did all the things and the rest is history!  Well, maybe not the rest because we now have only 2 weeks before our move in date and we haven’t packed a single thing (plus, with our commuting, we really only have the opportunity to do any packing on weekends so we’re cramming it all into four intense days with one Avengers Infinity War break).  I’m planning on posting photos once we’re moved in and decorated, but in the meantime I’m already daydreaming about the things we’ll be able to do with all of our extra time, the relief of the stresses that comes along with commuting, not worrying about what time I’ll get home / need to be back on a train if I go out on a weeknight and oh, the places we’ll go!  We’re about to hunker down in packing and purging mode and I couldn’t be more excited to start our next chapter in our new place!


16 Responses to “We’re Moving to NYC + The Process That Led Us There!”


    Yay! Congratulations and good luck! My commute in Memphis to my job is 25-30 minutes and that’s long to me! I work from home most days, and when I go in because I miss human interaction, I realize how spoiled I have become not having to deal with traffic/gas money. How y’all handled a longer commute – I have no idea!

  2. Congrats, Kristin! What a quick adventure. The place already looks beautiful and I’m sure you and Andrewwill make it even better in time. And how exciting to live in Manhattan again. I only subletted there, but it was so amazing to be able to walk outside and just be right in the middle of everything. I loved it Good luck with the move. When in doubt, shove everything in a box and purge later!

  3. Gillian says:

    While I will miss you living so close by, I’m excited to see your new place!
    Gillian recently posted…countdown to infinity war: black panther (2018)My Profile

  4. Alice says:

    This is an exciting news, I’m so happy for you! Commuting sucks, I’ve been forced to do it since kindergarten, so I totally get what you mean.
    Alice recently posted…Reflections on my lunch break and how I wasted my time on InstagramMy Profile

  5. 4 hours a day of commuting!! Ick. I can definitely see why you moved back into the city.
    Mariah Kaercher recently posted…Celebrate the WordPress 15th Anniversary on May 27My Profile

  6. Kay says:

    Congratulations!! It seems like you found an incredible place! I’m sure the next few weeks will be so hectic and stressful but it’ll all be worth it. Cutting out that commute will be so amazing!

  7. Congratulations, Kristin! Apartment hunting is mad stressful even in my reasonably-sized-and-priced city of Atlanta, so I can’t even imagine the chaos of finding an NYC apartment. I’m so happy you found a place that looks like it’s going to be a great fit for y’all! And YAY for no longer having a long commute; those can get so taxing. I can’t wait to see how you decorate!
    Madalyn @ Novel Ink recently posted…Weekly Novel Rewind (29)My Profile

  8. Congratulations, Kristen! Apartment hunting in SF is a similar experience so I am so glad everything worked out for you and that you’ll get SO MUCH TIME back being able to walk to work- it’s going to be a huge (and wonderful) change for you!
    Cristina @ Girl in the Pages recently posted…Eight Highly Rated Books I Was Underwhelmed ByMy Profile

  9. Lysette says:

    Oh that’s such wonderful news! Congratulations on your move! Apartment hunting in NYC is VERY different than Texas and sounds crazy intense, so it’s super awesome that you were able to snag your dream place! :D
    Lysette recently posted…Raineedayze Reads: Autoboyography by Christina LaurenMy Profile

  10. Ivy says:

    Oh my gosh, I am so jealous. New York is like my favorite City in the world. So happy for you, you get to move there! Wishing you all the best!

    Ivy recently posted…Meine Bucket List – Wenn die Welt deinen Namen ruftMy Profile

  11. OMG YES This is so awesome! Congratulations!!! I can’t wait to see more pictures :D
    Lauren @ Bookmark Lit recently posted…May TBRMy Profile

  12. Yay congrats! I saw on your instagram that you were packing. What an exciting time it is for you, can’t wait to see more pics and that’s so great that you have extra time each day.
    Vikki @Cuteek recently posted…Zelda Shirts by Prophecy GirlMy Profile

  13. […] We’re Moving to NYC @ Super Space Chick | It was so interesting read this and see how crazy the NYC rental market is! I’m not surprised given how many people live there and how hard it is to find affordable housing. I’m really looking forward to seeing more of Kristin’s pictures of their new space. It seems awesome and they definitely had some luck on their side ? […]

  14. Alexa S. says:

    It’s been over a year since you guys made the move, and I’m still so happy that it gives me the opportunity to see and hang out with you both more often! The apartment is so cozy and wonderful, especially now that you’ve both settled in :D
    Alexa S. recently posted…Beautiful BanffMy Profile

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