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OtakuAThon Announcement

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Today is an exciting day because Alexa (YouTube // Blog) and I are teaming up to announce our manga and anime themed readathon / watchathon which we’ve dubbed OtakuAThon! It’s taking place from March 1st to March 4th and we’ve already decided we want to host it again in the future! It’s a good excuse to catch up on all the manga we have on our shelves and binge some Crunchyroll (or your streaming service of choice). If you’d like to join us, we would love to see your TBRs and queues!  You can tag us in anything you post and use the #OtakuAThon hashtag to connect and chat with other otakus participating. We’ll be releasing photo challenges for instagram closer to the event.  We’re both just over the moon about OtakuAThon and we sincerely hope you’ll join us! I can honestly say I’ve got my Sailor Moon blanket  and Pokemon plushes ready and I’m probably going to eat a ton of sushi, ramen & pocky.  If you want to know what I’m planning on reading, you can watch my TBR below.  I’ll also be squeezing in more episodes of Fushigi Yugi which I started on Alexa’s recommendation!

Reading / Watching Challenges

  1. Most recently acquired or most recently added to your queue
  2. Catch up on a series you’re behind on
  3. Read a manga adaptation of an anime you love or watch an anime adaptation of a manga you love
  4. Revisit and old favorite
  5. Start a new series
  6. Read or watch a manga or an anime that’s been recommended to you (Alexa and I are happy to help with this!)
  7. Read another series by an author you’ve read previously
  8. Read or watch a manga or anime in a genre of your choice


7 Responses to “OtakuAThon Announcement”

  1. […] change that!) Here are the announcement videos from Kristin and Alexa, as well as their blog posts here and there. The readathon will be held on March 1-4 and I’m ready for it! The challenges […]

  2. Denaiir says:

    So excited for this readathon that will put me back on track for my manga-reading goal for 2019! :)))
    My TBR is here:

  3. I definitely want to do this. There’s a lot of anime I keep telling myself I’ll watch and then I don’t.

  4. Kristi says:

    Hi! I was wondering if you order all your manga from Amazon, or if there is another place you get them from. You have helped kick start my manga obsession and wanted to see where the place was to purchased them without breaking the bank. :) Love your youtube videos!

  5. Alexa says:

    Seriously. Best. Idea. Ever. I love that we are collaborating on something that means a whole lot to us, and embraces an entire side of our fandom hearts that we both enjoy! <3
    Alexa recently posted…Abbreviations #93: Catwoman: Soulstealer, The Starless Sea + Steel Crow SagaMy Profile

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