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New York, I Love You

Yesterday had the potential to be one of the most ordinary of days but I can confidently say it was one of my favorites since Andrew and I moved.  It was one of those magical NYC days that you see in films or read about in books where the stars just seem to align.  Over the course of the day, we experienced new things, we had the best food, and we ran into not one, but two sets of friends by complete coincidence.  As I mentioned in my reintroduction post, I’m really making an effort to get out and do more.  I want to take full advantage of New York City while we’re lucky enough to live here and yesterday was the epitome of a perfect day.  In fact, yesterday was so full that when my alarm went off this morning, I was basically cursing myself for committing to this blogging challenge, but here we are!

8:00 AM

Andrew and I got up early and headed out at 8AM because I’ve been wanting to take a new blog photo.  I searched a couple of locations that I love and came up with a concept for my photo the day before.  We headed to Grand Army Plaza in NYC and took a couple of shots but I ultimately decided I wanted to go in a different direction, so we headed into Central Park and finished shooting there.  I can’t wait to share my new photo with you guys once Andrew is finished editing it!

10:00 AM

This is a bit boring, but next we headed to Trader Joe’s to do our food shopping for the week. Such is adulting!  When we got home, I made avocado toast for Andrew and I and we caught up on some YouTube while we ate and caffeinated for the day.

12:00 PM

Once we finished, we headed to Hudson Yards.  I’ve been to Hudson Yards before (I ate at the Shake Shack there during BookExpo with Alexa and Jamie!) but I hadn’t ever done a full loop of the stores.  We wrote our initials on the sequin wall, enjoyed Strawberry Cookie Crumble vegan ice cream from Van Leeuwen, tried a black and white cookie from William Greenberg, and visited several stores.  One of the most exciting for me being Madewell.  I own a TON of Madewell clothing and accessories but I’ve never in my life set foot in one of their physical stores.  I’ve always ordered from their website so it was fun to see that in store vibe and set up!

2:00 PM

Next we headed to The Vessel which is the beehive looking structure right outside of Hudson Yards.  I booked tickets for us the day before to walk up the many flights of stairs inside.  The Vessel opened not too long ago, but it’s something that neither Andrew nor I had made the effort to see yet.  It was really cool inside! I had heard complaints online about how there are too many stairs, but since you have the opportunity to take breaks on every level, I didn’t think it was bad at all (and this is coming from someone who’s severely out of shape).

3:00 PM

Then we headed to the Javits Center to attend Anime NYC.  We had gone the first year but weren’t able to make it last year, so when we entered the convention we were so pleased to see how much it’s grown over the past two years! It was so much bigger and better than the first year.  My favorite part of any convention is artist alley and that section alone was worth the price of entry.  We also got to take a photo with the Fruits Basket set which was at NYCC (but too crowded to get to), and I got to take a boomerang in the VIZ Media booth with a Sailor Moon background!  While we were there, we ran into friends and once we both finished wandering the floor, we met up and headed out together.

5:00 PM

Next we hit the Nintendo Store where they had the most incredible displays celebrating the release of Pokemon Sword and Shield!  Our games had gotten delivered while we were at Anime NYC and while we were itching to get home and play, I’m so glad we made this extra stop! We got such cute photos and we got to meet a real live Pikachu! It was a dream come true! And while we were at Nintendo, we also ran into a second group of friends which was awesome!  I bought a life size plush of Scorbunny, my chosen Pokemon Shield starter, and he is perfect in every way.

6:00 PM

​After Nintendo, we went across the street to a Japanese restaurant for udon and sushi and oh so much water.  I hadn’t realized just how exhausted I was until we sat down, or the fact that I hadn’t had any water since I woke up to blog at 6AM.  The meal really hit the spot, and we got to catch up with our friend about all the places he’s traveled in the past two weeks.

7:30 PM

The minute we walked in the door we put on our pajamas, poured even more glasses of water, and hunkered down to dive into Sword and Shield.  I am OBSESSED with this game.  The landscapes are stunning and English, the dialogue is silly, the Pokemon are the cutest, and the Professor reminds us of McGonagall.  The next thing I knew it was 11PM and try as I might, my eyes would not stay open any longer.  I immediately spent a ton of money on a skirt and loafers and I’ve taken outfit of the day photos at every bookshelf I can find in this game. Typical!

Andrew and I have another action packed day ahead and I can’t wait to start today’s adventures!  So far, I’m feeling really grateful ​for this blogging and leaving my apartment challenge.  I definitely went outside of my comfort zone yesterday, but I felt great about it! I even made sure to take a few moments throughout the day and revel in my gratitude.


3 Responses to “New York, I Love You”

  1. Alexa S. says:

    Your Friday looked so magical! I’m glad you had an incredible time at Anime NYC, and after seeing you talk about it, I’m even more excited to play Pokémon Sword (and Shield) ?
    Alexa S. recently posted…Beautiful BanffMy Profile

  2. Rachel says:

    Sounds like such a fun day! I love the new blog photo and ugh Central Park in the fall.. there’s nothing quite like it. So jealous that you’re so close!
    Rachel recently posted…How to Pick the Perfect Wedding DressMy Profile

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