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Weekend Diaries

After a super action packed Friday, Andrew and I kept the momentum going on Saturday and Sunday!

We started our Saturday pretty early because I had been wanting to head into Times Square to see the Broadway snow globes set up on 45th Street and Times Square is a place that we usually avoid at all costs.  I got photos with the Wicked and Dear Evan Hansen globes and since we only had a 13 minute wait, we decided to stand on the line for the Disney Store and check out the new Frozen II and Rise of Skywalker merchandise.  Disney was totally decked out for Frozen and I loved it so much! Andrew got to experience the store opening ceremony for the first time (an experience I got stuck witnessing when I tried to pop in before work one day).  We didn’t end up buying anything, but it was exciting to see brands like Loungefly in a physical store!

Next, we realized that neither of us dressed warm enough for the frigid weather so we popped back home and did a quick outfit change.  Then we headed to the Upper East Side to visit Shakespeare and Co. on Lexington.  I had never been to this location so I was excited to mark another NYC bookstore off my bucket list.  I had not so secretly been hoping they might have an early copy of Queen of Nothing since it seemed like everyone in the world had already gotten their copies, but alas, the YA section was pretty sparse.

After a quick look around the bookstore, we walked over to Quality Eats for a brunch reservation.  I’d been wanting to try Quality Eats for some time since their decor is pastel and super cute, but Andrew and I tend to eat at home, always.  After our meal, we went through all of the brunch places we’ve been to since we moved, and only one other compares.  The food was INCREDIBLE.  I got LA eggs and Andrew ordered a monkey bread bacon, egg and cheese.  We also shared the most glorious strawberry and pistachio morning bun which was basically a sweet and flaky croissant dream pastry and delicious curly fries.  We left uncomfortably full in the best way possible.

As if we weren’t already full enough, the next stop we planned was to Two Little Red Hens which is known for their cupcakes and cakes.  Upon opening the door, we were met with an extremely long line that wrapped around the bakery several times.  We ended up getting a chocolate and peanut butter cupcake to share and we carried it with us for the next part of our journey.  It was worth the wait!

Pokemon Go Community Day was also happening so we fired up our apps and tried to catch shiny Chimchar’s at Carl Shurz Park.  Neither of us had ever been but it was lovely.  It’s right on the water and you’re able to see the Roosevelt Island lighthouse across the river.  We also found a nice statue amid a flower garden and a dog park where almost every dog was tiny and wearing a sweater.  My heart.

Afterward we walked over to The Little Corner Bookstore, another bookstore I hadn’t yet visited.  I love the facade of the store and the interior design is inviting.  This store also had a very small YA section and again, no luck finding Queen of Nothing.

Next we walked up to Central Park and sat on a bench outside the reservoir entrance, finally eating that cupcake!  It was delicious! It was about this time that we also realized just how tired we were from the day before.  So we finished out Community Day in Central Park, completed a raid for a Galarian Weezing and the headed home where we were greeted by the warmth of our apartment and our Nintendo Switches just itching for us to dive into Pokemon Sword and Shield.  We also finally utilized our Disney+ account and watched Noelle (super cute!).  We still haven’t gotten to The Mandalorian, but we’re hoping to do so tonight.

On Sunday, I threw poor Andrew for a loop.  I woke up early to blog and I was having trouble deciding what I wanted to write about.  I decided on sharing the behind the scenes of my new blog photo, but that meant that I need Andrew to edit said photo.  I wrote out my whole post and while doing so, I was texting with our friend Gil who was visiting from L.A.  We had plans to meet up for Pommes Frites after the Broadway show she was attending with Kelly and Kim, and after the high of the weekend and getting outside my comfort zone, I impulsively decided that Andrew and I should just go to the show too.  Andrew is not a morning person and I woke the poor guy up with a photo request and the request to turn our relaxing day home into a day out.  Thankfully he conceded and we ended up grabbing tickets.  We saw Betrayal at the Bernard B. Jacobs Theater starring Tom Hiddleston (!!!!), Charlie Cox (!!!!!!) and Zawe Ashton who I was not familiar with, but did a lovely job!  We stayed after to stage door.  Because obviously.  And then headed to the West Village for our third helping of french fries this weekend.

We ended the night eating chocolate covered peppermint Oreo’s from Trader Joe’s and watching Frozen on Disney+ since we have Frozen II tickets for later in the week.  Overall, I was so happy with everything we managed to do from Friday to Sunday.  It was truly one of the best weekends ever and I am so ready to continue exploring this wonderful city with my best friend<3


5 Responses to “Weekend Diaries”

  1. Kim Henrichs says:

    I definitely need to check out that restaurant!!

  2. Cate says:

    All that food looks amazing, I’d love to visit New York one day it’s been on my bucket list for a while to spend Christmas in New York just like the movies haha! Also WOW at seeing Tom and Charlie I would love to see them in play it feels like forever since I last went to the theatre xoxo
    Cate recently posted…GOT7 Mark Meal (Spicy Vegan Version)My Profile

  3. Gillian says:

    Ah, so you got to experience the snowglobes without a billion Bumblebees swarming the area. Nice.

    I’m so glad I got to see you both this weekend!
    Gillian recently posted…journey to episode ix: the mandalorianMy Profile

  4. Alexa S. says:

    It looks like you both had a fun-filled weekend! The snow globes are adorable, and I also think Quality Eats sounds like a brunch place I would like. Definitely adding it to my list!
    Alexa S. recently posted…Festive Fun Day with Rachel & KristinMy Profile

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