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My 2019 Year in Reading

I am so excited to write this recap of my reading year because for the first time in my life, I read over 200 books. TWO. HUNDRED. BOOKS. I’m still reveling in this feeling. I remember my early days of book blogging when I would see so many of my favorites read over 200 books in the year and I would feel a bit discouraged about how unattainable that would be for me.  Flash forward a couple of years and somehow I’m here. I don’t think 200 is a number I’ll ever hit again (though I’ve learned that I should never say never), and it’s definitely not a number I’ll be striving for either, but if it happens, it happens.  I want to devote more time in 2020 to spending time with my loved ones and indulging in other hobbies as well, but I’m finding it surprisingly hard to break the habit of reading every free minute I get! I have started some mornings with crossword puzzles lately which has been both fun and frustrating.  Anyway, on to all of the fun pie charts and graphs and stats I have to share!

Totals at a Glance

Total Books Read: 204

Total DNFs (I don’t count these as read): 7

Total Re-reads: 3

Total Pages Read: 61,714

Physical reads: 91

Digital reads: 113

The most surprising part of my stats is that this is the first year that I read more ebooks than physical books.  I always prided myself on being a physical reader, but in 2019 I really utilized my library’s digital loans.  I also find that I tend to read quicker on ebook, which also might be why I read more this year than ever before!

Age Groups

Adult Books: 75 or 37%

New Adult: 22 or 11%

Young Adult: 95 or 47%

Middle Grade: 12 or 6%

I did a better job than I thought of branching out of the YA-verse in 2019, but I’m aiming to do even better in the coming year.  While I already have my YA consumption under 50%, I really want to get my adult fiction to the 50% mark.  I likely won’t read as much middle grade next year- I just fell in love with the Keeper of the Lost Cities series this year and that accounted for a lot of my MG reads!


Hardcover: 22

Trade Paperback: 5

Mass Market Paperback: 0

eBook: 84

Audiobooks: 9

Graphic Novel: 23

Manga: 36

ARC: 25

Since I’m trying to be better about my book buying habits, I’m expecting that my number of eBooks read will increase in 2020 and the number of every other format will decrease.  I really want to make an effort to read what I can from my library before committing to purchasing a copy with several exceptions.


Fantasy: 68

Classics: 1

Contemporary: 37

Historical Fiction: 9

Literary Fiction: 1

Mystery / Thriller: 5

Science Fiction: 40

Shojo: 30

Romance: 8

Historical Romance: 1

Nonfiction: 3

Horror: 1

The only reason I read so much science fiction is thanks to Star Wars! I’ll likely slow down on that in the coming year and I’m going to be focusing on adult contemporary and literary fiction, romance (both historical and contemporary), fantasy and nonfiction.  I also want to read more classics since I did so poorly this year!

Books by Month

January: 15

February: 15

March: 20

April: 20

May: 37

June: 13

July: 13

August: 12

September: 7

October: 14

November: 13

December: 25

May is quite high since I read a lot of manga (Alexa and I hosted an OtakuAThon this month) and we also tried to focus on reading any outstanding ARCs before heading to BookExpo at the end of the month. I’m really surprised at how many books I read in December since I had the least amount of time at home this month!

Years Published

<1920: 1

1990’s: 7

2000’s: 9

2010: 2

2011: 3

2012: 6

2013: 11

2014: 16

2015: 17

2016: 12

2017: 17

2018: 33

2019: 69

2020: 1

I feel pretty good about these stats! I do want to focus less on new releases in 2020, but otherwise, I would be happy with a similar breakdown next year.

Page Lengths

<100 pages: 10

100-199 pages: 57

200-299 pages: 23

300-399 pages: 73

400-499 pages: 26

500-599 pages: 10

600-699 pages: 4

1000 pages: 1

The average book length that I gravitated toward this year was 300-399 pages which feels accurate.  That’s definitely my sweet spot with novels.  I’m less likely to pick up something very long, despite longer books tending to be my favorites.


5.0 stars: 19

4.5 stars: 38

4.0 stars: 54

3.5 stars: 37

3.0 stars: 29

2.5 stars: 11

2.0 stars: 7

1.5 stars: 0

1.0 stars: 2

It’s no surprise that the bulk of my reads were 4 stars.  Since I don’t rate DNF’s, I’m less likely to have a high number of lower ratings because if I’m not enjoying something, I’m likely not going to finish reading it.

Author Type

Debut: 8

New to Me: 70

Previously Read: 126

I’m surprised at how many new authors I tried this year! I truly didn’t think it would be so high.


And then just for fun, these are all the publishers I read books from in 2019!


How was your reading year in 2019? Are you a kindred spirit who keeps track of all your reading stats? Let me know!


8 Responses to “My 2019 Year in Reading”

  1. Anne says:

    Really impressive! I was hurting just to reach 20. I really like how you did all the stats. Very inspiring.
    Anne recently posted…Eat, Pray, ACFT?My Profile

  2. Oh my gosh I don’t think I would ever be able to read 200 books in a year! That is a real accomplishment. I had a goal of 72 for last year and I definitely missed my mark, so this year my goal is 50 ha ha. I love the graphs!

  3. I started using the same spreadsheet for 2020 that I believe you used for these graphs and such! I’m actually excited to start tracking publishers this year because I never really thought about this much, when most people I know always have favorites! Congrats on 200 books!! I came to 190 a few years ago but I was really reading “too much” so I’m around 120 for the past couple of years. I think I’ll go for 200 someday though, just to say I did it! haha.

  4. Cate says:

    I think I read maybe 5 books last year … I really wish I could read more but it’s so hard to find the time, 200 is so impressive and I love how you kept track of everything to xoxo
    Cate recently posted…Exploring Iconsiam Bangkok’s Best Mall!!My Profile

  5. Heather says:

    Congrats on reading so many books, that’s awesome! I also really love how you broke down all your stats, I may need to borrow some ideas for my own!
    Heather recently posted…A Love Hate Thing Blog TourMy Profile

  6. I love the graphs! What a great way to organize what you have read.

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  8. Alexa S. says:

    So flipping proud of you for hitting 204 books in 2019! <3 That's definitely an achievement worth celebrating (and never say never about it happening again). I think, as we continue to shift and adjust our preferences reading-wise over the years, that always affects the quantity (and quality) of what we read, so you never know – you might just do it again :)
    Alexa S. recently posted…Friends with ARCs | Lucky Caller + Seven Deadly ShadowsMy Profile

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